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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 58 (Saturday 16 March 2002)
In Their Own Image
Waiting To Be Told
At 6am, Anna was already up and could be found in the bathroom brushing her teeth. An hour later and Anne was preparing breakfast.
While the house sat having breakfast at the table outside, Sim Brother made the announcement about which artists had which subjects.
"This is Sim Brother. These are the artists and subjects for today's challenge.
"Anna will paint Will; Tony will paint Davina; Davina will paint Anna; Will shall paint Tony, and Anne will paint Anna.
"These pictures need to be completed by 6pm tonight."

Getting To Work
The first two artists got to work with their subjects. They knew they all had to work as a team and the artists and subjects needed each other to get to the second stage.
Later that afternoon, Will painted Tony and Anne painted Anna. Somehow, though, Will has now probably got the message about why Anna is no longer interested in him.

Anne was the last one to finish. Anna had not been the easiest of subjects and she took some time with the finishing touches.

When The Work Was Done
All the paintings were completed in the specified time, delivered to the Diary Room and left to Sim Brother to frame and present to them. Four of them celebrated with a dip in the hot tub. Tony wondered how Simcastle United did in their match against Simpswich (SB: They drew 2-2)
They were still talking about football in the hottub when Sim Brother announced their pictures were ready.

"This is Sim Brother. The five portraits that you all did are now hanging in the lounge. You are now free to admire your housemates' opinions of you."

The Moment Of Truth
The housemates seemed to be quite pleased with their representations and after they had briefly looked at them, Sim Brother continued with the details of the second part of their task.
"This is Sim Brother. You have all passed the first part of the challenge and Sim Brother is grateful as these pictures will be sold for charity after the series is over.
"On Tuesday night, with whatever musical instruments and equipment you require and can be made available, you must present a new song for Sim Brother based on your experiences in the house.
"Your reward will be based on the quality and originality of this song."

Although they have completed this part of the task, would they be able to complete the second part with the same skill?


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