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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 6 (Wednesday 23 January 2002)
Warned and Ignored
An Early Warning

Anna had slept a lot yesterday and having had a good night's sleep, she was up early. She got to work making custard and when she had finished it, she decided to make Jerry's daily workload easier, and went to clean out the pigs for him.

The next one who got up was Anne and she was looking for someone to have a good moan to. She also wanted to find out what Anna thought about a certain filmstar.

Anne R "What do you think of Tom?"
Anna K "I'd like him more if he did some work."
Anne R "He could let down the team. If there had been evictions this week, he would have been one of my two nominations. If you have a brain, you should do the same."

Sim Brother intervened. "Sim Brother would like to warn housemates that discussing nominations is against the rules."

Anna did not say anything else to Anne about the others or nominations, but she did talk to Sim Brother about what was on her mind and how she was feeling when she visited the Diary Room later in the morning.

"I am quite happy here, Sim Brother, and I want to work hard so the group can pass the task, but I do not think that all of the others are working hard enough. Tom is a very nice friendly guy but he appears to be more interested in flirting with Jennifer than practicing for the task."

The Diary Room received a second visitor during the day in the form of MNM and he had something to say about the leisure facilities in the house in his own unique style.

MNM - "It really is so boring, and that is why I'm calling. Hey, it really is no fun here and I am not the one here - "
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you, MNM."

Talk to the Hand

The Acid Queen turned her sharp tongue on MNM later that afternoon. There was something that she could not quite comprehend.

Anne R - "How could someone as ugly as you become a popstar? You're a few tracks short of an album"
MNM - "Talk to the hand, lady, as the face ain't listening. If you keep talking, then my hand will start blistering."

Jerry was watching all of this from the sidelines and he decided not to get involved just yet. This was the type of material he was looking for. This verbal exchange between Anne and MNM beat the usual "Hey *******, you're a ***** ****" that he got on his show. All it needed now was an fight, but perhaps that might come later.

The rest of the day in the Sim Brother house was quite uneventful (SB: sorry) as most of the housemates were busy working on their recipes and reading the cookery books. Tom & Jennifer did not seem to be as prepared as the others and the other housemates hoped that Sim Brother selected those who had worked hard rather than those who had taken the task too lightly.

On Tony's suggestion, the housemates had another early night so they could be prepared for the task tomorrow.

Jerry slept easily as he was content in having got some of what he wanted from being in the house. However, with having spent time with his own agenda, there was something that he had overlooked...


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