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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 59 (Sunday 17 March 2002)
Sweet Music & Davina's Blues
Anna plays to the Cameras
Anna had an early bath, perhaps as part of her strategy to keep the viewers interested. Those at TSZ Livestream saw it all but those on SBTV saw stars. After her long soak, she prepared breakfast for the housemates.

Strike Up The Band!
The girls were the first to try out the instruments and microphone that Sim Brother has left for them to practice with. Unfortunately "Sim Brother girls in their upside-down world" as a song title was not acceptable, as it did not involve all five of the housemates. As Tony cheered on Anna, Davina started to get the idea that there was someone else in his life and she made a conscious decision to keep an eye on those two.

Will was the only person who had been a professional singer and weighed up their performance. "Ok, guys, I think I know where we go from here.". In conjunction with Tony, they had appointed themselves as Managers.

Tony had a long talk with Anna about the plans for the song.
"Will & I will be writing the music"
"That is alright if I get to be the group's guitarist."
"The lead singer should be Will as he is the most skilled."
"That is a better choice than putting Anne in"
Davina saw it all from the conservatory. Tony needed to know how she felt and that involved catching him on his own at the right time.

Vocals or Drums?
At 5:43pm, Tony served dinner for the housemates.

Over dinner, Will stated "I'm no good with drums, so I'd better be the singer"
Anne - "I've heard you singing in the shower and you are not that great. You can do the drums."

Davina Is Low
Davina came to the diary room later that evening. She was quite upset.
Davina - "I am missing my family and my friends. I don't want to leave the Sim Brother House, though. I want to win. If I can't win, at least I want to be in the final three. How are my chances?"
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you."
Davina - "Aww ... just a hint?"
SB - "Sim Brother must remind you that such behaviour could result in your being warned or even expelled from the Sim Brother house."
Davina - "Can't you take a joke? "
Following that, she left the Diary Room and went straight to bed.

Is Anna Too Confident?
Anna & Anne were in the Hot Tub when Anne tried to give Anna some advice..
AR - "Don't try too hard to get your own way."
AK - "My looks will get me through. I've beaten three nominations. I can easily beat four."
AR - "Roles can quickly be reversed, Anna. The strongest link can quickly become the weakest link - "
AK - "We are not on that show, Anne. The rules are different here. Good looks win all the time."

Word On The Streets of Sim City

Anna is not necessarily correct in thinking that her looks are going to help her win through. There have been a lot of bets placed at Maximus Bookmakers in SimCity. We were lucky to get an interview with 'Jimmy' Maximus.

"We cannot give clear odds on who will be evicted. Both of them have had a lot of bets put on them. Anna has a slight edge, but Will is popular. I think it requires a block vote and Anna would be out of the door on Wednesday night. We are putting odds of 50-1 on Davina being the next one to leave, though, if you are interested..."


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