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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 60 (Monday 18 March 2002)
Jamming On A Monday Afternoon
Trying To Pull The Wool
Davina finally found her chance to talk to Tony when they got up and found that the others were still in bed.
Davina - "You're a good bluffer, Tony, but this is enough. I've seen the way you look at Anna. I just hope she's out of here on Wednesday night. "
Tony - "Davina darling, I assure you that Anna and I are just good friends and there is nothing untoward in our relationship. I am sure she will be the keystone of our band. "
Davina - "It stops there, Tony. No funny business. "
Tony - "I must stress that your allegations are unfounded. Anna and I are just friends. "

I am the Leader
The other housemates started to get up about an hour later. Will had a shower (SB - You've seen it all before), Davina had a bath and Tony prepared breakfast. Over breakfast, Tony said he was taking charge because "I used to be in a band", a reason that only Anna seemed to take notice of.

Creative Differences
Mid-morning, Will went outside to find a 7DS drumkit waiting and decided to give it a try. Tony came out to find him playing and told him "This is your position in the band, Anna on lead guitar, Davina on keyboards and Anne & I will go on vocals."
Will - "Hey, 'T'. I've had Hits with my records. Don't I get a say? "
Tony - "Will, I used to be in a band. I know what I am doing."
Will - "Well, you sort out what you can. I'm going to write a song for us to sing."
With that, Will walked back into the house, got a notebook and pen off Sim Brother and got down to work.

Unlikely Allies
Anna and Davina had a chat about the task in the bathroom. Davina - "We don't agree on much but I want your help. "
Anna - "I'll help if I think it is right. What is it? "
Davina - "Will should have the say in how we do this. "
Anna - "But Tony is in a band. "
Davina - "His band is the British Government, but that's not the same thing. Help me persuade Tony to let Will take charge."
Anna - "I'll see what I can do."

Jamming In The Garden
Outside, Anne was showing that she was talented with the guitar as well as vocals. Anna & Davina were very impressed. Will joins in on the piano, Anna took over on drums and Davina did backing vocals and together they turned fragments into parts of a song. Tony did not really know where to fit in and chose to have a nap in the lounge. At 8:30pm, Davina decides to call it a night and left the others jamming. Together, they had worked out the basics of a good song. The only obstacle is for Tony to relinquish his control to Will. Anna said she'd help.

Napping In The Lounge
At 10:40pm, Anna decided to have a nap in the lounge to be with Tony when he wakes up but her purpose is unknown, whether it is for her own gain or for the good of the group … or both.


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