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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 61 (Tuesday 19 March 2002)
A Song For Sim Brother - Water & Steam
Friendly Persuasion

Tony woke up at 2am to find Anna asleep on the other couch and gently woke her up for a chat. She came over and sat next to him, they had a cuddle that turned into a kiss.
Anna remembered what Davina had asked her and told Tony - "Tony, I think Will should organise this task. After all, he will probably be leaving on Wednesday. It might help his career to go out with this fresh behind him."
Tony - "Whatever you say. I'll help however I can."
Will was up early that morning and had a soak in the hot tub. He already had his plans but was concerned as to whether everyone would join in so easily. His fears were unfounded when Tony joined him and immediately said - "I think I should let you run this, as long as I can play backing guitar?"
Will - "Sure, 'T'. You'll fit in fine."

Morning Anticipation
While Tony mopped up the toilet as part of his daily cleaning roster, Davina had a good moan about him - "I am just SO tired about Tony going on about Simcastle United. There is only one team and that is Simmenham Hotspur."
However, her focus was on the task - "I can't wait for Will to get up so we know what we are doing. I am really looking forward to this task. I think it is going to be good."
Anne - "I just hope I don't have to wear anything that dismal."
Davina - " (It can't be worse than what you already wear) "

The Plan Is Revealed
At 4pm, Will was up and the rest of the housemates were waiting to find out what were his plans. Anne had doubts about what he had in mind, but did not know he was in one of the toilet cubicles.
Anne - "I don't think he has a clue what he's doing."
Anna - "Sssh! He's coming out of the toilet."
Will - "Ok, ladies, everyone in the lounge. I know what we're doing. I'm going to tell you. With a little bit of a briefing, we're ready to go."<
Will - "Right, for those Rod Simwart fans, there ain't gonna be 'I am sailing' garbage. This stuff is going to be new. It's going to be different. It's ours."
Tony - "As long as it's musical."
Will - "Hey, 'T', it'll get us through and I think it's good. You're on Bass, Anne is on Lead Guitar, Davina is on Drums and Anna is on Piano. Trust me, this will work! Let's go!"

Extract From The Sim Brother Rap

"In a house in a hood in an unknown location
Was the start of a brand new TSZ sensation
Eight brave housemates were the stars of the show
And the viewers would decide who will stay and who will go

"So nine weeks ago - or thereabouts
Those housemates entered the Sim Brother House
They quickly made friends with one another
And made their home in the house of Sim Brother

"It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap"

(SB: If you want to read the complete lyrics of this song Click here!)

Some minutes after while they were unwinding and Tony was getting into the swing of playing the guitar even more than he had with the song, Sim Brother told them their result "Your song had a lot of good qualities, it is original and a lot of hard work was put into it by all of the group. You have passed this challenge. Your reward will arrive on Thursday."

Anne & Will in Hot Water
The task being over, Anna was trying to get some attention. The next 24 hours were crucial to her as to whether she was evicted or not. She thought Will had already played his last cards and she was playing hers … but she was wrong as when minutes after, he joined her and proved he had just a good body as Anna. It was just your perspective or gender that decided ... and voted.

Will & Anna were still chatting in the hot tub and healing the rift.
Anna - "I do not want to leave, Will. I don't think you do either. I would rather go back to playing tennis and leaving you in here as a friend than force you out. " Will - "Losing friends was not my idea. Making them was. You're right. I don't want to go, but like you I would rather leave as a nice guy than leave as a right B-Star-D. Who knows what they are going to think? "

From Hot Water Comes Steam!
They were both on their way to bed together. They had been together for some time during the day and both of them had worked hard. Will hugged Anna and she did not push him back - something she said she would never do again. Neither of them wanted to leave tomorrow, but one of them had to.

The hug led to something more and the two spent their last night together. Sim Brother is leaving what happened next to your imagination ;). Tomorrow would decide which one of them would leave ... but it will probably be painful for them both.


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