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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 61 (Tuesday 19 March 2002)
The Sim Brother Rap
The Complete Lyrics

Lead Vocals - Will

Lead Guitar - Anne, Bass Guitar - Tony
Piano - Anna, Drums - Davina
All on backing vocals

In a house in a hood in an unknown location
Was the start of a brand new TSZ sensation
Eight brave housemates were the stars of the show
And the viewers would decide who will stay and who will go

So nine weeks ago - or thereabouts
Those housemates entered the Sim Brother House
They quickly made friends with one another
And made their home in the house of Sim Brother

It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap

There were two little pigs called Perky and Pinky
And their messy pig pen could get really stinky
But the little pigs got ill and started to get thinner
And after they died one got served up for dinner

With the pigs both gone, the housemates were sad
But not for long could they feel so bad
A few days later and it was much calmer
As the pigs were replaced by two new llamas

It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap

MNM had a bad reputation
And he came on the show for a good vibration
He wasn't so bad and he wasn't that crazy
And he settled in well and sang us "Sim Shady"

Three people were up for the first nomination
For all of them it was a bad sensation
The first eviction was on Day 21
And MNM became Eviction No.1

It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap

Jennifer L was one foxy lady
Befriended by Tom C and "Sim Shady"
There was a tug of love between her and Davina
But Jennifer wasn't the one to come out cleaner

With MNM gone and Tom with another
Jennifer stopped enjoying being on Sim Brother
Being in the house could make her cry
And at the next eviction, she said "goodbye"

It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap

Jerry Springer left of his own volition
He said it was because of a medical condition
He told us all before he left Sim Brother
"Take care of yourselves ... and each other"

Jerry's leaving made us all feel grim
But three days later, Will replaced him
He's been with us three weeks and has quickly settled in
And he entertains us and has a wicked grin

It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap

Tom C thought he was really groovy
Because he had been a star in the movies
Jennifer & Davina said, "Wow! He's so charming"
But Tony put it, "Humph! He's so smarmy"

Tom provoked Tony and it came to blows
But Tony whacked Tom right on the nose
A warning was given - a Sim Brother decision
And Tom said "goodbye" as the next eviction

It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap

Tony on Bass makes a lot of decisions
As on the outside he's a world politician
Acid Anne the Ax Queen is smarter than you think
She's so good at her put downs on "The Weakest Link"

Davina on Drums is a "Big Brother" host
For what's happening here she should know the most
Anna is playing piano in our musical session
But she plays tennis as her outside profession

It's a rap. The Sim Brother Rap

There are five of us left in the house of Sim Brother
But we're soon about to lose another
Nominations are open so viewers take note
As Anna and Will are up for the vote

In three weeks time, it'll be the end of "Sim Brother"
But later this year they might host another
After you decide the winner you may give us a clap
Now with this song for Sim Brother we'll say ...

It's a wrap.


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