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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 62 (Wednesday 20 March 2002)
Eviction Day No.4
Gradual Rising
Tony was the first up at 5:40am having breakfast.
"Acid Anne The Ax Queen" was the next up two hours later, still wearing her outfit from yesterday.
Davina was also wearing her outfit when she got up at about 10:30am.
Will finally got out of bed at 12 Noon with Anna still there. He did not know either of their fates. All he knew was that he had memories of his time in the Sim Brother house that he would never forget.

Davina Strikes Back
Anna shortly followed and gave Tony a "good morning" kiss and Davina saw it. It is unknown whether this was deliberate or accidental. Either way, it got a response.
Davina - "You *****, I knew there was something going on between you two!"
Tony tried to explain "I can assure you, Davina, it was nothing intimate."
When Tony tried to kiss Davina to show his feelings for her, she pushed him back.
Davina -"You slimeball! I hate to think what goes on behind the scenes in the way you run the country!"

Last Bath for Will?
Will had a bath. It could perhaps be the last bath he had in the house. The question he had in mind was whether he cared or not. He had memories now. He had a song under his belt. However, was there more that he could get from the house?

No More Little Miss Tearful!
On the afternoon, Anna threw herself at Davina and gave her an elbowing in the face.
Anna - "You have always been the pushy one! You have always thrown your weight around and pushed me too often! If the men want me, that's tough **** for you!"

Acid Anne's Angle on Things
Davina was stunned and was shocked to find that even Anne did not have much sympathy for her either.
Anne - "Anna has come on in her time being in the house. You haven't. Living on a reputation is not enough. You might have change in order to survive in here."
8:00pm Anne came to the Diary Room.
SB - "Good evening, Anne."
Anne - "I am fed up, Sim Brother. Some people have not grown in this house. I don't even know if I have, but I would not miss the experiences I have had.
"Whoever sent in an application form on my behalf will get a pay rise if I find out who it is. I hope I see it through until the end ... but there are some weak links who do not deserve to."

Eviction Time
It was 10:30pm and the housemates were gathered together in the lounge, in the middle of a conversation about parties ...

"Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. Can you hear me?"

They all agreed that they could.

"Two of you have been up for the public vote this last week. The polls have closed and the votes have been counted. Because this poll has been really close, there has been a delay due to the count needing to be triple-checked."

"The fourth eviction from the Sim Brother house will be ...



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