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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 62 (Wednesday 20 March 2002)
Eviction Night Special: When Will Met Will
"It's been nice knowing you"
"Would Will please leave the Sim Brother house?"

Will quickly gave Anna a hug, walked out of the door and through the security guards from TSR for his Eviction Night Special with WW.

The Will Wright Interview
WW - "Will, you were only in three weeks. How do you feel about that?"
WS - "Pretty ticked off to tell you the truth, Dubya Dubya."
WW - "In what way?"
WS - "I wanted to stay until the end. My pride's been hurt mainly. Also, SB didn't have time to fix my mesh."
WW - "Would it make it better to say that the voting was really close and that there were only two votes in it?"
WS - "Not really."
WW - "What would you miss the most about the house?"
WS - "It was fun being in there and being cut off. I'll miss the peace."
WW - "What will you miss the least about the house?"
WS - "Two things. The bathroom was too crowded, and there was too much plotting."
WW - "What will you remember the most?"
WS - "A night of passion with Anna K. I hope you caught it on TV."
WW - "Those on TSZ Livestream caught it but the SC4 viewers watching SBTV didn't. What are your plans now you have left the house?"
WS - "I'll take up my musical career again. My Sim Brother Rap should go straight up the charts."
WW - "Any plans for your film career?"
WS - "After doing Muhammed Ali, I could do a remake of Gandhi."
WW - "You've given us a lot of fun in the short time you have been in. Thankyou very much, Will."
WS - "Thankyou to you too, Will. It's been fun."


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