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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 63 (Thursday 21 March 2002)
Dazed - Rewarded - Rejected
Tony's Daze
The others had gone to bed. It always seemed to be this way after evictions. Tony was still up and took the opportunity to have a bath while it was free. Apparently with something on his mind, he did not bother to get dressed, went into the garden and started playing the guitar ... in the nude. (SB: The uncensored version of this picture has been sent to the "News of the World")

The Morning After
7:40am - Anne & Davina are having a chat.
Anne - "I might have sounded a bit rough yesterday. I meant it for your own good. She's getting the public support by becoming more outrageous."
Davina - "You don't do that. You're still here."
Anne - "I've been lucky. I have my strategies to stay in here, but I think this week my luck will run out."
Davina - "It could be my turn."
Anne - "Who knows? We'll have to wait and see."

Four Times Lucky
8:43am - Anna had got up and was making breakfast. She had been through all of the evictions and she had survived all of them. The housemates were now starting to wonder if she was unbeatable. Her confidence was increasing and she had dangled two of the guys along all the time. Now things were different and one of them had gone.

During The Day
The three girls had a chat around the breakfast table. Anna was confident, Anne was using her typical dry wit and Davina was the quietest of the three. Following breakfast, "Acid Anne The Ax Queen" decided to have a session in the garden and quickly acquired a backing group.

At 2:20pm, Tony finally got out of bed, muttering to himself "What did I do last night? "

At 6pm, the housemates were instructed to have a dip in the Hot Tub. They were chatting about parties when Sim Brother makes an announcement ...
"For your successful completion of last week's task, and fewer people being in the house, your sleeping arrangements have been improved with the provision of new beds from Scoobz. Plus, for those who view cleanliness equally high as intimacy, a new tub is also available for your convenience in the gazebo."

"You're welcome to him!"
9:45pm - When Tony tried to give Davina a kiss, she just pushed him back "Tony, I don't love you anymore. Sleep with Anna, I don't care."

Not knowing how to cope with it, he just went outside and played the blues ... with his clothes on this time.


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