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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 64 (Friday 22 March 2002)
A New Challenge for the Housemates
Lost In Thought
4:18am - Tony was still up. This time he was sat in the same chair Davina sat in a few days earlier, looking out over the garden lost in thought. He sat here for an hour before he went to bed alone.

"Why I Will Win"
The girls were all up at about 6am. Anna was acting in a very overconfident manner and boasted to Davina why she thought she would win - "I am the most good looking. That is what viewers go for in a competition like this."
Davina - "The viewers want entertainment. Once they've seen a shot of one of us coming out of the bath, they've seen them all. They go for brains as well. "
However, shortly after, Davina took a bath and briefly faced the camera.

The Next Challenge
"This is Sim Brother. Last week, your individual challenge was replaced by a regular group challenge. On Wednesday, you have to make your nominations for eviction. Your challenge for this week will take place from 1pm on Tuesday until only one of you is standing. The last one standing will be automatically in the last three, immune from being nominated this week, but will be allowed to vote herself or himself."
You must accomplish this through physical exercise and use of the pool. No other equipment will be made available."

The housemates immediately got down to work. This was a challenge that none of them could miss out on.

Tony In The Tub
Tony spent the evening relaxing in the tub. For a while, he shared the tub with Davina who told him "I wish there wasn't a political element to the game" but he had to silently disagree. In his opinion, without making political alliances with others, housemates would be evicted more quickly.

After she went to bed, Tony was alone again. He does not know how long he will last in the house, but he knows that the immunity challenge is vital for everyone and he wants to win.


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