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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 65 (Saturday 23 March 2002)
Getting Fit In Whatever Way
Saturday Morning With The Housemates
07:30 - Anna made breakfast for the house and by 08:11, the girls were once again gathered around the breakfast table, wondering when - who Davina jokingly referred to as - the "dozy PM" would be up. He surprised them by getting up by 10:30.

Anne's Unusual Outfit
Anne surprised the rest of the housemates by stripping off to do her exercises. For ease of performance or trying to get public votes is not known. However, her comment, "Whatever Princess Cute can do, the Acid Queen can do better" indicates more to prove a point in the polls.

Anna's Day
Anna had a bath after lunch after having had a busy morning exercising. Keen to win the Immunity Challenge herself, she decided to combine pleasure with business and goes swimming on the evening, calling it a night at 9:40pm

And What About The Others?
The other housemates had all worked hard on their exercises during the day and had little time for anything else. Tony did not even have the energy to get to bed and napped on the sofa instead.

Behind The Scenes
The last eviction poll was very close. Even until the last minute, we did not know for certain who would be evicted. For a while it did look like Anna would be going out of the door, but a burst of voting tipped the scales. Your votes do count and are appreciated. You help make Sim Brother at TSZ what it is.


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