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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 66 (Sunday 24 March 2002)
Love, Lies & Exercise
What's On Their Mind?
04:15 - Tony was up early having breakfast. Despite being well rested, he looked emotionally drained. However, something would change it today.
06:30 - Anne had got up and was washing up some stray dishes. She was sensibly dressed this morning. It was hard to ascertain what was on her mind but it looked like she was determining her own strategy.

A Risky Move
Anna thought that Tony's affection for her and the feelings that she had for him could make him pliable to her requests. She privately came to Tony and tried to influence his vote by spreading lies.
Anna - "Anne cannot be trusted. I heard her saying to Davina that they should vote for you to leave. "
Tony - "Anna, if there had been something like that, Sim Brother would have called them to the Diary Room. Now stop stirring the **** and play the game."
Anna was crestfallen by what Tony said. Any love that she had for him had now gone out of the window. There was no way she wanted him in her plans any more.

A Change of Heart
Davina had heard their argument and realised that perhaps Tony did have a place in her heart after all. The one romance in the house appeared to be back on track. She invited him to join her in bed, but he kindly turned her down.
Tony - "There are more pressing things to do, Davina. Although I like the idea immensely, I have to conserve my energy rather than use it up."
Davina - "Then just join me in bed to relax. I promise I won't do anything. Promise." He agreed to this idea and they talked about the challenge.
Tony - "Any of us could face the public this time. Whoever gets Immunity becomes very powerful when it comes to the nominations. "
Davina - "We need to fit and rested for Tuesday. "
Tony - "Once this challenge is over, I might use this bed for the purpose it is intended. "
Davina - "I wonder if this show is censored? "
Tony - "We'll only know once we get out. In the event of young viewers, I suppose there might be some censoring out there. It's a pity, really."

Anna, Anne & An Ax
The other two were relaxing in their own way. Anne The Ax was playing the guitar again and Anna was watching. Anna had said nothing about what she had told Tony. If Anne knew about it, she wasn't letting on either.

The Best Exercise?
2:37pm - Tony and Davina had finished their chat and were dressed and exercising. Davina - "(puff) I really think we could have got the same level of exercise in bed. (pant)"
Tony - "(gasp) You might actually be right. "

Early To Bed?
By 7pm, Tony & Davina were back in bed. This time they were asleep, and Tony was dreaming of Davina.

Anne & Anna were in bed an hour later.

Not For All ;)
10:41pm - Davina was not in bed long and was up having a shower. Tony was up shortly after. They had things they wanted to do. It was likely that they would be up all night and perhaps they might be making up for lost time.


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