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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 7 (Thursday 24 January 2002)
Death in The House and A Hot Challenge
Who Let The Pigs Die?

05:00 Jerry was up first. He had slept well, dreaming over plans for his next series when he realised that he had not cleaned up yesterday. He decided to clean the pigs out before anyone else noticed. When he got to their enclosure, though, he found that both Pinky & Perky were dead from causes unknown and he immediately reported this to Sim Brother.

As it was Anne's day to clean, Sim Brother told her to dispose of the carcasses. She was furious, and she blamed Jerry for not doing his cleaning duties the day before.

A Meal Fit For A Sim

The housemates were more concerned today with their Weekly Challenge that the loss of Pinky & Perky. They all spent the morning and early afternoon finishing off their recipes and doing some final research. At 3pm, Sim Brother announced the three cooks for "The Meal Fit For A Sim".

  • Anne had to make the starter course and has to make Prison Soup.
    MNM had to prepare the main course and has to make Roast Pig (using one of the excess pigs from three days ago).
    Davina had to make the dessert course and had to make Magic Fruitcake.

By the evening, the meal had been prepared and laid out. All of the housemates were impressed with the result, but the most important thing was whether Sim Brother was satisfied with their effort.

"This is Sim Brother. I will review the courses in order.

  • The Prison soup was prepared to perfection.
    Although the Roast Pig was slightly overdone, this did not affect the overall taste.
    The Fruitcake was prepared to perfection and had effects beyond satisfying hunger.

From the overall quality of the cooking, you have passed your challenge and have an extra §1000 to spend on top of your weekly budget."

The housemates spent the rest of the evening eating the meal and being famished, all of them had an early night.

  • Prison Soup & Roast Pig are available from The Sims Resource and both require the House Party Expansion Pack in order to use them.
    The Magic Fruitcake is available from SimsOnAStick.


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