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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 67 (Monday 25 March 2002)
Realism, Temptation & Dreams
Relationships & Realism
By the punchbowl, Tony & Davina had a chat about their future in the house together. They both had outside lives and doubted that their relationship would continue. However, they were happy to enjoy each moment while they were together in the house. "We might be playing sweet music now, but the song has to stop sometime", was Tony's surprisingly philosophical view. To relax, they played pinball and later Tony made breakfast for the housemates who he could hear getting up.

A Healthy Breakfast for Healthy Exercise
By 6:15am, all of the housemates were up. Davina had already started doing stretching exercises to keep her trim. She was making the most of the last day they could train before the challenge tomorrow. By 9am, everyone but Anna was exercising and they kept busy all morning.

A Tempting Offer
At 2:50pm, Tony was having a soak in the Love Tub. He was surprised to be joined by Anna who had a proposal for him.
Anna - "This week, the one who holds immunity is very powerful. They decide who is up for the public vote. It could be you. It could be me. We both want to win. I am prepared to have you as a running mate if you ditch Davina and come back to me. "
Tony - "Anna, I am a politician. Being devious is part of the job, but also comes a degree of loyalty. Inside this house, I am happy with the party I am in and who I am with. "
Anna - "You can still change your loyalties if you wish. I can wait. "

Anne's Thoughts
7:48pm All of the other housemates were asleep. The exercising was very exhausting and Anne was the only one up. She knew that Immunity was a very valuable reward indeed. She hoped she was fit enough to win. If she lost, she hoped whoever had Immunity looked to her as their best friend in the house. She passed Davina who was getting up when she went to bed at 11:44pm. She slept quickly and dreamt of her guitar. Perhaps a brief musical career might be an option once she left the house. However, she would rather win the game first before having to leave.


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