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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 68 (Tuesday 26 March 2002)
The Challenge Begins
Tony Is Down
Davina prepared a late supper for whoever would be up during the night. Before long, Tony, who was rather dejected, joined her. When she asked what was on his mind, he told her "I feel I have come over as a manipulative control-freak. That is not what I intended and I am not really like that."
Davina - "C'mon, Tony. I still love you. This game is very stressful. "
However, by 5:27am, Tony has cheered up somewhat and romantically kisses Davina, much to Anne's disquiet.
Anne - "Oh please, get a room! This is putting me off my breakfast."

On Your Marks ... Get Set ... Go!
They needed to have as much energy as possible as that would decide the winner of this challenge. Therefore, they all rested or slept during the morning. However, the voice of Sim Brother could not be ignored.

"This is Sim Brother. Your task begins in two hours. Please assemble in the garden. If you are late, you are automatically disqualified."
At 1:00pm, they were all assembled and lined up outside.

"If anyone leaves this grassy area, they are disqualified. The last one of you standing you will be the winner and having immunity from nomination tomorrow. Begin!"

From One 'Til Ten
6:15pm They were all still standing without any sign of discomfort.

9:00pm Anne was showing signs of tiredness

9:09pm Tony and Davina were not finding the task to be fun anymore.

9:44pm Anne was starting to stumble.

# Send In The Clown #
At 10:00pm, all the housemates were still standing but becoming rather depressed. Sim Brother called in Sunny the Tragic Clown to cheer them up or force this challenge to an earlier conclusion.

The First One Falls
The Clown's arrival was starting to have an effect on the housemates who were becoming increasingly stressed.

11:30pm The Clown made them feel worse by mimicking their gestures.

11:40pm Exhaustion claimed its first victim as the day nears an end as Anne is the first one to collapse.

As the task continues into the next day, any of the other three could win immunity. All will be revealed tomorrow.


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