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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 69 (Wednesday 27 March 2002)
Immunity - Nominations - Music - More Nudity!
The Immunity Challenge Concludes
The Immunity Challenge had now been running for over twelve hours. Anne was the first one to fall and she had already picked herself up and gone to bed.

All of the remaining three were showing signs of exhaustion and were all complaining about the task.

At 2:39am, Anna was showing serious signs of strain, but Davina lost her struggle against exhaustion next and she was the second to fall.
It looked like the task still had a way to go, but only a couple of minutes later, Anna lost her balance and fell.

"This is Sim Brother. Tony, you are the last man standing. You have Immunity from Nomination and will therefore not be up for the public vote this week."
"Also, will Sunny The Clown please leave the Sim Brother house? "

The Morning After The Challenge
It was the morning after. Davina was up by 8:50am and had made breakfast for the house. Tony & Anne were up shortly after and Anne had a question for him over the breakfast table.
Anne - "Who won? "
Tony - "I did. It's a relief knowing that I am in the last three. I am not looking forward to the nominations and I know that my votes decide who is up for nomination. "
AR - "Somehow I think Anna & I had better pack our bags. "
Tony - "You never know. "
At 11:25am, Anna was the last one to get up. She was still very tired and inside had a gut feeling that she would likely be nominated again. She would have to move quickly if she was to escape the vote, but could any drastic action save her from facing the public again?

What Tony Did
Tony came to the Diary Room.
SB - "Hello, Tony, and how are you? " Tony - "I am very pleased to have won Immunity and to know I am in the final three. " SB - "How do you feel holding what could be the balance in the voting? " Tony - "I do not feel comfortable and I know that my votes are crucial. If I hadn't won immunity, I expect I would have been up for the public vote myself. " SB - "How do you feel about being in the last three? " Tony - "Relieved, but I know I cannot be complacent. I will try and do my best for the house in the rest of the time that I am in. "
1:31pm Tony & Davina had a relaxing soak together in the Love Tub.
Tony - "I can't tell you how I will vote as that is against the rules. All I can say is that I will be considering who is the closest to me in this house. "
Davina - "I think I know what you mean."


"This is Sim Brother. Could Anna please come to the Diary Room to give her nominations."
SB - "Anna, could you please give us your nominations followed by any changes if Tony did not have Immunity"
Anna - "I nominate DAVINA and ANNE. If I had a free choice, I would have nominated Tony instead of Anne. "
"My nominees are ANNA and ANNE. I don't really want to nominate a friend but there is nobody else. If Anne sees this, I'm sorry. "
"My nominees are ANNA and DAVINA. If I had a choice, I would have nominated Tony instead of Davina. "

So far, Anna, Anne and Davina are tied on 2 votes each. If there had been no immunity, Tony and Anna would be tied on 2 votes each with Anne and Davina on 1 vote each.
"I nominate ANNA and ANNE for eviction."
"This is Sim Brother. There are two housemates to face the public vote this week. In alphabetical order, they are ANNA and ANNE."

If Tony did not have Immunity, he would have been up for the public vote as well.

Vote For Her, Not Me
By the middle of the afternoon, Anna was walking around the house naked actively trying to get in the view of the cameras. Her approach to get public support was now lacking originality.

Anne had accepted nomination no differently than usual, although she appeared somewhat distant as if she was concerned about not being able to fight fire with fire.

A Musical Interlude
Tony spent the rest of the afternoon playing the guitar and by early evening, he had an audience of all of the other housemates. He continued all of the evening and finally brought his recital to an end at midnight.
As Tony put his guitar down, Davina had a suggestion - "You and Anne are both good at music. It might be interesting - and a distraction from these evictions - to see if you could both play your best all day and Sim Brother decides who is the best. The winner gets a reward. "
Tony - "That seems an excellent idea. I'm up for it. I'll mention it to Anne. "
Anne - "The Ax Queen won't turn down a challenge. I'll play you into the ground, Tony! "
Tony - "I'll tell Sim Brother tomorrow. We'll see where it goes from there. "

Sleeping Arrangements
Anne was still awake when Anna came to bed. As Anna decided to sleep in the nude, Anne had something to say.
"If you get into this bed like that, your bare backside will be kicked straight out of it. Put your nightie on if you have to sleep in here. "
Anna did as she was asked. She changed into her nightwear and by the time she got back into bed, Anne was already fast asleep dreaming of a long soak in the love tub.

It's Your Turn Now
You can now vote in the right Sidebar for which of these two who you want to see walk out of the door this time next week.

Voting in this poll will close at Midnight (GMT) next Wednesday.


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