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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 70 (Thursday 28 March 2002)
The Duelling Guitarists
Contemplative Anne
It is the morning after the evictions. Anne knows that she does not have Anna's sex appeal and strolling around the house in the nude is not her style. She hopes that the public will give her their support and vote for Anna to be evicted instead. Perhaps something could work for her advantage, but time was not really on her side.

The Late-Rising Lothario
Tony got up at 11:30am and was feeling in a very amorous mood so he went over and gave Davina a fiery kiss that took her by surprise and she did not object to.

He was about to get his breakfast when - "Could Tony please come to the Diary Room?"
SB - "Good morning, Tony. Sim Brother thinks Davina's proposal for Duelling Guitars to be a good idea. Two guitars are now available in the garden and your duel will commence at 1:30pm. The duel continues until one of you concedes or the first one to reach 100% Proficiency is viewed to be the winner. The reward will be a themed party of their choice. "
Tony - "Thankyou, Sim Brother. I'll inform Anne straightway. "

Duelling Guitars
The duel began promptly at 1:30pm. Neither of those competitive players wanted to lose and both of them would give their best.
At 8:30pm, they were still going strong. Both Anna and Davina were watching and neither of them could decide who was the best as they were both excellent.
It was at 0:45am and they had been playing into their 12th hour and just into the next day when Tony conceded defeat. He was exhausted and acknowledged Anne as the winner.

"This is Sim Brother. Anne, you are the undisputed Ax Queen. Please inform Sim Brother of your party theme tomorrow. "

Behind The Camera
This task may have consumed all of their day, but tomorrow is guaranteed to be a day not to be missed.

It has passion, betrayal and surprises

... but what else have you come to expect from Sim Brother?


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