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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 71 (Friday 29 March 2002)
Anne's Big Day
Morning In The House
7:00am Anna and Tony were up early. After giving Tony a good morning hug, Anna told him that she was missing her sporting career and was looking forward to playing tennis again.
9:10am Davina was up and sat having breakfast with Tony, who was speculating about what party theme Anne would choose.
10:07am Anne was up, apparently relieved after having winning the Duel of Guitars had made her the undisputed Sim Brother Ax Queen. She had her own plan for what she wanted as a reward.

Anne's Proposal
11:35am - "Could Anne please come to the Diary Room? "
Anne - "Good morning, Sim Brother. "
SB - "Good morning, Anne. Congratulations on winning your impromptu challenge. As your reward for this, you get to choose the theme for today's party.""
Anne - "Instead of having a party, I would like to bring something from the outside inside. I am missing my show but I'd rather sit this series out until the end before I get back to it. However, if you can turn part of the house into a set for the show, I would be very happy. "
SB - "Sim Brother will get back to you. "

Tony & Davina
Now the latest challenges were over, Tony & Davina finally used their new bed for the final purpose that had not been tested and they consummated their In-house relationship during the afternoon. (SB - Sorry - they were too quick for the cameras to catch).
While they were getting dressed, they were surprised to find Anne come in and show them her cuddly toy, surprisingly without her black outfit ... or anything for that matter.
However, there was a big surprise coming only a couple of hours later.

Anne & Tony
Anne had got dressed, found Tony in the bedroom again and gave him a cryptic warning about Davina. Anne - "Who is Messalina for your Claudius? "
Tony - "Er ... I don't follow. "
Anne - "Just be careful about who you become involved with. Although I would like to be here, I may not be here next week and into the final three. You are the last man left in here - don't ask me why. You could win ... although I don't really think you deserve it. "
Tony - "I must disagree with you there. "
Anne - "Suit yourself. However, you're not as bad as some who have gone out of that door. " and with that she gave him a hug ... which led to a kiss ... and then led to something else.
After it, they appeared to be some regrets. Neither of them really seemed to know how things happened. Anne was in tears and Tony did not know what to say. Their dilemma was interrupted with "Could all housemates please assemble in the Dining Area? "
Anne had to quickly marshal her thoughts and regain her cool composure.

The Weakest Sim

"Which of you housemates has their cranial cavity full of manure?
(SB - **** for brains!)
Who will find they are as welcome as a plague of locusts?
Of the three of you, two will leave with nothing and the other will leave with §1000. You will find out who will be voted off on ...
The Weakest Sim.

Anne - "Davina, in which Sim title do you find a cat named Lickums? "
Davina - "Er ... Sim Copter? "
Anne - "The correct answer is 'The Streets of Sim City'"
Anne - "Anna, in which Sim Title do you find Arcologies? "
Anna - "SimCity 2000. "
Anne - "That is the correct answer. "
Anne - "Tony, which Sim Title includes the cheat code 'Call Cousin Vinnie'? "
Tony - "Sim City 3000"
Anne - "That is correct. "
Anne - "Davina, which newly released Sim Title has greeters and weedkillers? "
Davina - "Sim Golf. "
Anne - "The answer I was looking for was Sid Meier's Sim Golf. "
Anne - "Anna, in 'Sim City 3000 Unlimited', what does BAT stand for? "
Anna - "Building Architect Tool"
Anne - "That is the correct answer. "
Anne - "Tony, what is the name of the expansion pack for 'The Sims' shortly to be released in Europe? "
Tony - "'Vacation'"
Anne - "The answer I was looking for is 'On Holiday'. I cannot accept the American title which has already been released (SB - You lucky people, USA). "
Anne - "You have now had two rounds. It is time for you to vote off .... The Weakest Sim"
Davina - "Anna"
Anna - "Davina"
Tony - "Anna"
Anne - "I suppose you lovebirds think you are clever voting off the only one who answered all of their questions correctly. Davina, don't you know anything about Sim games? The last computer game you probably played was 'Space Invaders'. Why Anna? "
Davina - "I would rather play against Tony. Sorry Anna. "
Anne - "Tony, what do you do? "
Tony - "I'm Prime Minister of Great Britain. "
Anne - "I know you've been busy before you came in here and have been out of touch for 10 weeks, but instead of globetrotting, shouldn't you pay more attention to games coming out in your own country, as well as your nation's own political affairs? Anyway, why Anna? "
Tony - "Anna is a truly wonderful person and she is well versed in Sim Games, but I would rather chance my luck against Davina. "
Anne - "Anna, although you were the strongest Sim in this round, with two votes to one, you are the Weakest Sim ... goodbye. "
Anna - "I feel I was ganged up against by Tony & Davina. Tony should have voted for Davina instead of me. It just shows what effect she has on him. "
Anne - "We are now down to two. What a surprise. I will ask you five questions each; the one with the most correct answers will win §1000 that they collect when they leave here. Tony, you had the most correct answers and therefore go first. "
Anne - "Tony, who wrote the first Prima Strategy guide for The Sims? "
Tony - "Rick Barba. "
Anne - "That is correct. Davina, who wrote the Prima Strategy guide for House Party? "
Davina - "Mark Cohen. "
Anne - "That is also correct. Tony, what is 'Theme Park Inc' known as in America? "
Tony - "Sim Coaster"
Anne - "That is the right answer. Davina, what is the name of Sid Meier's games company? "
Davina - "Firaxis. "
Anne - "Correct. That is amazing. Tony, how many jobs are created by a school in Sim City 3000? "
Tony - "45"
Anne - "I am equally amazed with you knowing that. Davina, in Sim City 3000, who is the mayor's financial adviser? "
Davina - "er ... Gordon Brown? "
Anne - "Nice try, but the answer I was looking for is Mortimer Green. Tony, in 'The Sims', what item for sale was made by Mrs.Farsheim's 10th Grade Civics Class? "
Tony - "The Bottle Lamp. "
Anne - "That is correct. Davina, you need to answer this question correctly to stay in the game. Which downloadable utility allows you to create wallpaper & flooring to display in 'The Sims'? "
Davina - "SimShow? "
Anne - "The correct answer is Homecrafter. "

Anne - "Tony, you are today's strongest Sim and will collect §1,000 when you leave here. Davina, you leave here ... with nothing. "

"Until next time on the Weakest Sim ... goodbye ;) "

Davina - "I had a feeling Tony might win. He is a good player and seems to know more about Sim games than I do. I must buy 'On Holiday' when it comes out. "
Tony - "I am really pleased to have won this contest. Anne was right in that I need to spend more time in Great Britain and I will do that when I get out of here. (SB - As if!) I hope I can win this series as well as 'The Weakest Sim'. I enjoyed it."
(SB - We shall see!)


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