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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 72 (Saturday 30 March 2002)
Loving - Excusing - Worrying
Awakening House
Anna was the first one up at 5:30am and she prepared breakfast for the house. Anne was up less than an hour after and by 7am, all of the housemates were up having breakfast in the garden.

A Day In The Tub of Love
On the morning, Tony was feeling affectionate and kissed Davina. They continued their display of affection to the Love Tub where it continued. Once done, Tony told her about how he was looking forward to getting back to work when the series was over.

After Tony got out to go to the toilet, Anna briefly joined Davina in the Love Tub. She even helped to scrub her back ... and Davina returned the favour.

Tony & Anne
Tony had come into the house to go to the toilet. He met Anne in the lounge, gave her a hug and took the opportunity to state his case - "Anne, I do not regret what happened between us yesterday and I do have strong feelings for you -"
Anne - "But? "
Tony - "Davina needs more. You are strong enough to live on without me. "
Anne - "Don't worry yourself. As Saline Dong sings 'My life will go on'. I know what the problem is. You are not the only one who has had it. "
Tony - "Excuse me? "
Anne - "It doesn't matter. If brains were taxed, you'd get a rebate."
Tony returned to Davina in the Love Tub and mentioned nothing about what had happened.

Evening Exposure
All of the other housemates had gone to bed early on the evening. Tony had a shower and was caught on camera. (SB - Fortunately, we edited the pictures to avoid embarrassment to the PM & viewers).
At 10:15pm, after he had got dressed, he chose to come to the Diary Room.

Image Trouble
SB - "Good evening, Tony. "
Tony - "Good evening, Sim Brother. I am worried if I come across as being a womaniser. I used to think badly of Tom for stringing along Davina & Jennifer and now I feel I am even worse. I have been involved with all of the women who are currently in the house but I do not want to feel I have strung them along for my political advantage. "
SB - "Sim Brother cannot advise you on your relationships. Perhaps if you talk it over with the other housemates, you might feel more at ease. "
Tony - "As Davina doesn't know about Anne, I don't want to cause a fight and any bitterness. I am viewing what happened with Anne to be an enjoyable experience and nothing more. As I would like to think I am a gentleman, I cannot go into more detail. ;) "

Tony left the Diary Room and went into the garden to play the guitar. He continued until 1am when he slipped into bed beside Davina but his dreams were about Anne. Through the wall, Anne was dreaming of Tony.

Behind The Camera - "How did you do it?"
Anne's skin has been changed again for the third and final time. I am sure it will be the last as finally I believe it looks like the infamous gameshow hostess.

Credit is due to the BBC for the photographs to work from, "Face Factory" as an efficient program to prepare skins and Paladin's SimMetamorphoser Program that has allowed me to change heads in the game quickly and efficiently.


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