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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 74 (Monday 1 April 2002)
Davina Confronts Anne
Morning In The House
It was a fairly quiet morning in the Sim Brother House.
Anna was up before dawn and was having a shower at 3:30am.
Tony was the next one up at 6am and was followed by Davina at 7:16am, who had not bothered to get dressed. Perhaps she wanted an all-over tan.

Anne & Tony
On the afternoon when Davina's back appeared to be turned, Anne got a romantic kiss from Tony, which was followed by some romantic shenanigans in the Love Tub.

Davina Confronts Anne
Despite a night of passion with Tony, Davina still had her suspicions. She played the guitar to try and put her mind off what was bothering her. She was finding it difficult to take in what was going on but knew that bottling it up inside will not do anybody any good.
When she saw Tony get out of the Tub and go to bed, she psyched herself up and filled his place. Davina - "Anne, are you and Tony more than just friends?"
Anne - "(sigh) You mean do we have a physical relationship? "
Davina - "JUST TELL ME! "
Anne - "Get yourself comfortable. This is how it is. "

Anne tells it how it is
Anne - "Tony is a passionate person with strong desires. It happens a lot to men in powerful positions. John F Simmidy & Bill Simton are two case examples. Tony is no exception. Outside, his love is split between his wife and the job of running the country and being a world statesman. In here, his main love is you. The rest of us are just passing fancies. He is irresistible. What man of power isn't? Get jealous of it. I'm jealous of you. That's just the way it is. "
Davina - "So where do you go from here? "
Anne - "I might be leaving in a few days. If he needs me, I am there for him. You'll get angry. Blame me for it. I get slapped. Try not to think worse of me.
"I don't want to go. It's up to those out there who decide if I am the weakest link. I am sure there are some more put-downs in me before I go. I'd like to win, or at least see it through until the last night. I have had some great experiences and I'd like to have some more before it is my time to go. I am sure you feel the same yourself." Davina - "Er ... yes, I do. I've loved every minute."
Anne - "Now you know. Please try and understand. I don't want to get slapped and Tony just has his needs. Live with it. "

Anne talks to Sim Brother
Anne came to the Diary Room after everyone else had gone to bed - "I am not a bad person. I may have harsh words for people but they are not borne with malice. I may engage in romantic liaisons with someone else's partner - it takes two to tango, but I don't know who took the lead - but I do not go out to break up relationships. I'm a good person. I don't want to leave."


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