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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 75 (Tuesday 2 April 2002)
Someone Beginning with A's Last Full Day
Davina & Tony
At 7:10am, Davina & Tony were sat eating breakfast that Anna had prepared earlier.
Davina - "I had a long chat with Anne last night. "
Tony - "Oh ... er ... really? "
Davina - "Yes. She's a very intelligent and astute woman. She deserves to go far. "
Tony - "Doesn't she on the outside? "
Davina - "I'm serious. She has everything and everyone weighed up. "
Tony - "Everything and everyone? Oh."
Davina - "That's what I said. Eat up. Your eggs are getting cold. "
Davina continued talking about the same subject when they had a soak in the hot tub later that morning.

Davina - "I know how hard you politicians can find things"
Tony - "I don't quite get what you mean. "
Davina - "I'll send a box of cigars to No.10 when I leave here."
Tony - "Er ... I think I know what you mean now."

Anna & Anne
Anna came into the store room near the new Pepsi Machine to gossip with Anne about Davina but did not make a good impression.
Anna - "Davina has been telling Tony about what you and him are up to. "
Anne - "Anna, your delivery of bad news is like the service in your tennis game. Too many double-faults. I am just not interested in what those two are up to. Gossip about her doesn't bother me. "
They had a soak in the hot tub later, though, and Anna told Anne - "Although I want to get back to playing tennis when I leave here, I would not mind a film role or a job presenting a TV show"
Anne - "It's not as easy as it looks, but from what I have seen of you in here, I think you'd make a good actress."

Tony & Davina are at it again!
On the late afternoon, Tony caught Davina unawares and gave her a fiery kiss. He swept her up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom where they got up to more undercover shenanigans.

Even Easter Bunnies are not at it as much as these two.

Anne's Last Night?
Anne was the last up and had a long soak in the Love Tub. This could be her last night and she wanted to make the most of it. She wanted to be here this time tomorrow, but nothing in the world was certain.
She was in bed by 10:21pm and was certain of one thing that would happen in the next 24 hours. One side of this bed would be empty tomorrow.
Will Anna's luck finally going to run out or will it continue and the Acid Queen be the weakest link?

Behind The Camera
The housemates have had a varied week. Through their own interacting, they have created their own challenges and most of their entertainment this week, but Sim Brother will be keeping the final three occupied during their last week. In eight days, they will all be leaving the Sim Brother house and have to face the real world. They must be prepared.

Polls close tomorrow night. At the time of writing, this looks like it will be the closest voting so far.


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