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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 76 (Wednesday 3 April 2002)
The 5th Eviction Night
Breakfast & Tummy Trouble
Tony was the first one up today and after washing and going to the toilet, he prepared breakfast. Anne had been having abdominal pains during the day and could not keep food down. It was probably nerves but she was drinking plenty of soft drinks from the new Pepsi machine to make up for it. (SB - There's a glitch somewhere)

Talking In The Toilets
Anna - "Anne, I wish one of us didn't have to leave tonight. "
Anne - "I know, but it happened that it this stage we had to nominate everyone but the immune. I don't know how the voting will go. I might be lucky. You might be lucky. "

The Nominees' Last Afternoon
Anne spent a lot of her afternoon in the Den weighing up her time in the house. She had time to reflect about the good times that she had in here and the not so good. She had been with famous people from across the world and outlived them. Now it was either her or someone she viewed as a friend going out of the door tonight.

Anna spent the afternoon swimming and showed a perfect swan dive. She thought about whether she had done the right thing and behaved properly. She was not as naïve as she was when she entered the house over ten weeks ago. She had a brief fling with one of the most powerful men in the world, survived four evictions and perhaps would survive a fifth. Even the best of luck could run out.

Best of Friends
Anne - "Whatever happens tonight, lets promise to keep in touch on the outside. You may be a few balls short of a match but you've played the game very well. "
Anna - "You have played very well and I wish I had been standing against someone else rather than you. Both of us are winners. "
They hugged each other for luck.

Eviction Time
The housemates were all playing Bezique's Folly when the time came. "Good evening, Sim Brother house. This is Will. Can you hear me? "
Anne - "(If he hasn't sorted his worries about sound out yet, he never will) "
"Two of you were up to face the public vote. The polls have now closed. All the votes have been counted, checked and rechecked. There has been record voting for both of you and it has been very close.

The fifth person to be evicted from the Sim Brother house will be ...



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