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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 8 (Friday 25 January 2002)
The Day After

Anna was up early and popped into the Diary Room. She was a bit upset about the lack of effort that some of the other housemates had put in. She was worried that if Sim Brother had chosen them, they would have all failed the task.

At 3pm, Jerry came to the Diary Room. He was also concerned about the lack of effort.

SimB - Good afternoon, Jerry. How are you feeling today?
Jerry - Relieved that we have passed the task. Some of the housemates are great material for my show, but I am tired of them being here.
SimB - You will have your opportunity to nominate them next week, Jerry.
Jerry - I can wait. Until next time ...

Pot-Pourri, Neckties & New Friends

Even though Davina was one of the three who cooked last night's meal, Anna had something to say about her cooking. As usual, it was not complimentary.
"Are you a couple of eggs short of a soufflé? That fruitcake you made tasted like pot-pourri."

Davina was very upset with this insult, as she had put a lot of effort into her cooking and preparing for the task. As she did not know now whether Anne was an ally or enemy, she chose to go to Jerry and engaged him in a long conversation about how he chose his neckties.

As well talking about style, they found that they had a lot in common in other areas and chatted in the corner of the lounge for most of the evening.

MNM hung around with Tom and Jennifer, who were becoming closer friends but not much more. There were a couple of hugs but no more kisses. However, anything could happen, in the next 24 hours.


Tomorrow, the housemates will find out what their next weekly task will be. They would also get their weekly budget, that had been almost doubled with their task success. The rest of the day was uneventful and they had an early night.

Next Thursday, they would make their first nominations and at least two people would be up for the public vote. This coming week will be crucial for certain of the housemates if they were to keep themselves in here.

What if...?

The housemates have been in the Sim Brother house for a week. During this week, they have got to know each other and have not made nominations. Next week, they would have to make their first nominations and face the public vote.

However, what if there had been nominations this week?

Sim Brother Psychologists have analysed all the housemates this week. They have estimated that there would be three nominees on three votes each.

All of the other housemates would be closely behind on two votes, except Tom who the psychologists anticipated would not receive a single vote.

However, this is just calculated speculation. A lot has happened in the house in one week and with another seven days, the whole situation could be changed around.

Keep watching.


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