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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 76 (Wednesday 3 April 2002)
The Acid Queen Says Goodbye ;)
The Weakest Link?
Will - "Anne, will you please leave the Sim Brother house?"

Anne hugged all of the housemates who wished her well. However, she had the last word. Anne - "I am the weakest link. Goodbye ;)"

With that, she walked through the open door, which closed quietly behind her, shutting the remaining three in the house for the last week. After a quick walk through the cheering crowds, she was sat in the black Saarbach armchair talking with Will Wright.

The Black Armchair for Anne

Will - "Anne, it's good to see you at last. I must tell you that this latest eviction poll was a record with 97 votes being cast, and at the end of it, there was only one vote in it with Anna getting 48 votes and you got 49. How do you feel about that?"
Anne - "I am disappointed but it is some consolation knowing it that was so close. Anna must be a very popular girl to have lasted this long. I would rather have been standing against someone else."
Will - "Well, you proved yourself to be very popular having last this far. Apparently, you did not apply in person to be in the series."
Anne - "It was a surprise to me to find I was in the series in the first place but I could not turn it down. Initially, I was seething inside but after a few days inside the house, I wanted to stay and win. I'll find whoever sent that form in and give them a promotion."
Will - "When the first nominations came about, were you surprised to be up for the public vote?"
Anne - "No. I had an image to present. People knew me to be full of sharp acidic remarks and in the first couple of weeks, I was on form. Some of the other housemates didn't like it and I was not surprised to be up for the vote. However, I decided that leaving first was not something I wanted to do. I focussed myself into making the most of the Sim Brother experience."
Will - "And that you did. On Day 21, you won the first Individual Reward by beating Tony in the Chess Competition and have §1,000 for that. You also won your own Duelling Guitars contest and for that got to host 'The Weakest Sim'."
Anne - "I must admit that I enjoyed beating Tony. He is a talented competitor and does deserve to be in the final three."

Will - "What do you think of all the romance in the house? You had your fair share of it."
Anne - "Romance caused too much tension. People got too jealous too easily in such a confined space. The fight between Tony & Tom was uncomfortable and I never believed Anna would lay into Davina. Davina & Tony make a lovely couple, but I would be very surprised to see it last on the outside. Perhaps I am too cynical. I am probably better off out of it all. The relationship I had with Jerry never really took off and I was sad when he left suddenly."

Will - "He is, and he is now working on his next series. You are invited to be one of his guests. You actually proved yourself to be very diplomatic yourself amongst the tensions of the house and were very enlightened on what was going on especially when Davina confronted you about Tony."
Anne - "I was very impressed with her for the guts she had in doing that. She has been involved in the romantic side of things, but I think that was more through the experience rather than deliberate tactics. She has looks. She has charm. She has a lot of guts to have done what she did."
Will - "Is Davina your choice to win?"
Anne - "Definitely."
Will - "What are your plans now you have left the house?"
Anne - "I was thinking of going on holiday."
Will - "We can help you with that. For all the entertainment that you have given us, in conjunction with the Maxis Travel Company, TSZ have awarded you a free holiday at the Alpine Escape Ski Lodge on Vacation Island."
Anne - "That's very kind."
Will - "Anne, for the major part you played in making this series of Sim Brother such a memorable experience, thankyou very much."
Anne - "Will, it's been a pleasure. Goodbye" ;)

Behind The Camera
For those of you who have not made up your mind as to who you want to win, on Friday night the final three have to give their campaign speeches as to why they think they should win Sim Brother and recommend who should win if they did not.

Stay tuned.


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