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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 77 (Thursday 4 April 2002)
The Final Three
Now We Are Three
After Anne left the Sim Brother house, the Final Three stayed up for as long as they could. Anna was sat reading "How to win friends and influence people". Tony was preparing an early breakfast and Davina cleaned the bathroom.
At 2:21am, the Final Three as they now had become were sat having a really early breakfast.
Anna - "Look, guys, I know you all nominated me and probably have done all of the series. I am still here with you both. Let's get used to it."
Tony - "Well, guys, we are the final three. If my knowledge of the game is right, the viewers are now voting for which of us will win."
Davina - "I don't want to know."
After breakfast, Davina went to bed and dreamt of the week ahead. Tony went into the garden and played the guitar. Before he went to bed, he got a hug off Anna. She then slipped into the hot tub for a soak before giving the viewers some CheapFrills with a spectacular dive from the new board they provided!

Chancing Her Luck?
It was 8am and Anna was still awake. She had beaten every single eviction and was now in the final three. Inside, she had not expected to have got this far and only hoped she could get further. However, she was not know how close some of the votes - especially the last one - had been.
Davina got up at 10am and this time cleaned the toilets and followed it with a bathe in the love tub. Anna had noticed that Davina was up and she chose to slip into bed beside Tony. Davina was completely oblivious to what had happened.

Tony's Afternoon
Tony woke up at 1:15pm and was surprised to find Anna next to him in bed. He left her there, had a bath and by 3:50pm was in the Love Tub with Davina.
Tony - "Perhaps there should be a film of what has happened in here."
Davina - "Probably get an 18 Certificate."
Tony - "Not if they edit it. I'm sure Mary Simhuis, the Advocate for Strict Censorship will have got onto the producer to monitor what they broadcast."
(SB - So right, Tony)
By 6:30pm, they were talking about in-house politics.
Tony - "Now alliances do not count for anything, I cannot tell how things are going on the outside. We are all out for ourselves, but I want to have a happy time doing it. I have not really lost on the outside. This is differentm but I still do not want to lose."
Davina - "Me neither. I hosted a really similar program. That had more housemates and didn't last as long. I didn't expect to be in the last three, though. I owe you that. I wonder what we will win. SB said he would tell us."
Tony - "We shall see."

Prepare for the Hustings
Anna was up with the others at dinner and was again bringing up her aversion to yachting when ...
"This is Sim Brother. Congratulations on being the last three housemates. Tomorrow afternoon, you each must deliver a Diary Room speech where you tell Sim Brother and the viewers why you feel you deserve to win this series and whatever the prize entails. You will also give your recommendation for who else you would like to see win the series. Tomorrow evening after you have delivered your speeches, you will be told more about what you will win."

Anna's Trial Run
Anna comes to the Diary Room
SB - "Hello Anna. How are you feeling?"
Anna - "I am really pleased that I am still here. I did not expect to get this far and hope that everyone who voted for me before will vote for me again."
SB - "Anna, you will have the opportunity to make your Campaign Speech tomorrow."
Anna - "Sorry, Sim Brother. I just wanted to say I am pleased to be here. I'll go now. I don't want to lose any more. I tell you more tomorrow."

Davina's Jitters
At 10:30pm, Davina was sharing her worries with Tony.
Davina - "I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, Tony. Before, I just didn't want to lose. Now it is wanting to be the Winner."
Tony - "You know our relationship will not last on the outside."
Davina - "Circumstances might dictate otherwise. You never know."
Tony - "Perhaps that might be part of our prizes. I am starting to wonder if there are prizes for the second and third places?"
Davina - "We might find out tomorrow"
Tony - "We'll just have to wait and see."


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