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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 78 (Friday 5 April 2002)
The Day of The Hustings
Passion or Politics?
2:49am and everyone was still up. Davina was having a swim. Anna was having a Diet Pepsi and Tony was soaking in the tub alone. However, it was not long before Anna joined Tony in the tub where he gave her a neck massage.
Anna - "Mmm, that is very nice, Tony."
Tony - "It's quite nice for me too, Anna, but lets keep it from Davina."
Anna - "Your secret is safe with me."

Deadline Reminder
It was 8:20am and the housemates were still awake. None of them had slept and were all busy with different things.

SB - "This is Sim Brother. This is just to remind you that you have only 6Å“ hours to prepare your speeches. By 3pm, you must be assembled in the Lounge in Formal Dress."

Ready for the Hustings?
As instructed, by 3pm all of the housemates were gathered together in formal attire, ready to present their speeches. Tony was telling Anna & Davina that he was not going to reveal how old he was when the first one of them was called.

"This is Sim Brother. Could Davina please come to the Diary Room?"

Vote for Davina
"I didn't expect to get this far. I owe that to the support of my fellow housemates and the friendships I have made in here. Not everyone out there will know me because I am just a British celebrity but I hope that the image I have presented has shown me to be good enough. I have a warm and outgoing personality and I have been supportive of other housemates who have been in difficulty. From that, I think that makes me deserving enough to win this series."
"If I did not win, I would prefer Tony to win. He made us all bond. We are close. Enough said."

Vote for Tony
"All of the viewers know me from being a major world political figure and they would think I am used to making speeches. This is the type of speech I am not comfortable with. Anyway, here goes. I have been involved with most of the female housemates in a romantic way and this has given me a lot of the attention. I would rather not be remembered for this. I would rahter be remembered for being a major figure in the leadership of the housemates from the beginning to this stage. I feel I deserve to win through what I have given this house and that my record will confirm this."
"If I was not to win, I would recommend Davina. We are romantically close but I feel that she has shown courage and compassion with a determination to succeed."

Vote for Anna
"In the outside world, I am well known as a tennis player. However, I think people know me more for my good looks than my ability. I feel that I have played Sim Brother better than anyone else. I have survived every eviction poll which means that if I do not have the support of the housemates, I do have the support of the public. I would like that to continue."
"If I was to choose one of the other two to win, I choose Tony. He is charming and polite to list only a few of his qualities."

Waiting for Sim Brother
After they had given their speeches, they napped on the couches as they hadn't slept the night before and their sleep cycle had been very erratic since Anne had left on Wednesday night.

When Tony woke up, he had a bath.

Davina looked at Anne's picture and said to herself "I wonder what she's doing now?"

They were all tired but they had to wait for some more news before they could properly relax.

Everyone's a Winner
At 10:49pm, Sim Brother had one last announcement for them.

"You have made your speeches and the viewing public will now be able to make their mind up and vote for who they want to win. However, it is now about time you knew what you will win."
"All of you are now winners. Sim Brother has been impressed with all of your performances and you will receive prizes based around your expertise and experiences. The winner, however, will also win §100,000 plus a special reward to be revealed on Eviction Night."
"Sleep well as there are still challenges to keep you busy."

Sleeping Arrangements
They followed SIm Brother's advice and all of them went to bed, but they all now slept in different beds. However, the experts on the SB Production team could not tell whether this was for their own convenience or a sign of their active competition.

Stay tuned.

Behind The Camera
Voting is beating all records. On Sunday Night, the housemate with the lowest votes will be evicted. They do not know about this. So far, it is very close as to who this one will be.

Once the 3rd Place is evicted, existing votes will be carried forward and you will be allowed to vote again in a new poll for the Winner.


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