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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 79 (Saturday 6 April 2002)
Do What You Do Best
The New Challenge
At 08:45am, Davina was the first one up. Tony was up an hour after and he prepared breakfast. Both of them had to wait until 12 noon for Anna to get up. That was when they were informed of their latest challenge.
"This is Sim Brother. The show will soon be over. You have 30 hours to refresh your appropriate skills to enable you to step back into your careers where you left off. By 6pm on Sunday, you must study as hard as possible to reach your level as classified by the Maxis Career Evaluation Service (MCES)."
"TONY - As a World Statesman and Prime Minister, the MCES was grade you according to the Politician Career Track.
"DAVINA. Your career as a TV Presenter means that the MCES will assess you according to the Journalism Career Track.
"ANNA - You were a Tennis Player and therefore this makes your category of MCES Assessment to be that of a Professional Athlete.
"All facilities are available either in the house or in the garden to help you to reach the goals you require. You have until 6pm to study when you will be assessed. At this time you will be ranked on how high in your professions you would have got."
"The clock is ticking."

Down To Work
By 3pm (27 hours to go), they were all applying themselves to improving their charm and eloquence. Tony quickly monopolised the Bezique set, Davina used the dress mirror in the lounge and Anna was using the mirror in the toilets.

Soaking It Off
Davina was the first one to call a stop to things at 8pm and soaked in the bath. Sim Brother had not said what the reward or the penalty was. She only hoped it was worthwhile. She was puzzled about the short timespan but had a rough idea why.
Two hours later, Tony called a break to things. He felt his skills had waned somewhat since he had been inside the house. He had a lot of work to do. He was alarmed by the short timescale and did not understand why.
Anna was the third and final one to use the hot tub when she finished. She called a break to things just after midnight.

She doubted she could learn as much as she needed to by 6pm tomorrow. She was exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.

However, Sim Brother had a surprise in store that none of them were really expecting.


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