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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 80 (Sunday 7 April 2002)
In Third Place is ...
With a lot on their mind during their waking hours, it was only to be expected it would extend to their dreams.

Tony was dreaming about Davina. She was dreaming about the weather and Anna dreamt about football.

Davina & Tony's Morning
Davina & Tony were the first ones up. Davina prepared breakfast while Tony unclogged the toilet (SB - Anna was the last one to use it). After they had breakfast, they both had several games of chess to brush up on their logic abilities together.
While they were playing, Tony brought up something that was on his mind.
Tony - "This is a really hard task, Davina. I just can't see why there is such a tight deadline."
Davina - "I've got an idea. I remember something similar was done on BBUK2 ... and it was the last big surprise of the series."
Tony - "Do you think SBUK1 would do the same?"
Davina - "Expect the unexpected."

Anna's Afternoon
Anna got up shortly after Midday. She was still emotionally exhausted and could not focus on the matters in hand. By the end of the afternoon, she was in tears. Davina tried to comfort her but did not really know what to say to cheer her up.

At 6pm, they were all gathered in the Lounge. They were all tired after having worked hard brushing up their skills. All of them were under a lot of strain because of the short amount of time that they had been given.

"This is Sim Brother. Here are the results of your evaluation from the MCES."
"Davina, the quality of your work shows suitability to announce the weather forecast on SC4 (Level 6). This is also a drop from your outside career. More work needs to be done.
"Tony, your expertise is that of a Senator (Level 9). More work needs to be done to make you able to slip back into your outside career.
"Anna, you have proven from the quality of your skills that you are worthy of the title of Superstar (Level 7). Well done.
"This Challenge will resume tomorrow morning where you will continue to sharpen your skills to the maximum in your chosen career tracks. Until then, feel free to have an evening off. To help you relax from the hard work you have all put in over the last 30 hours, Sim Brother has laid on a self-service buffet in the garden for your enjoyment."

The Surprise Eviction

The housemates had enjoyed the food from the table and the full bowl of punch provided. Fortunately for Sim Brother, they were all gathered together around the campfire in the garden at 10pm.

WW - "Attention, Sim Brother house! This is Will Wright."
Davina (to Tony) - "(This is what I was talking about)"

"The person in third place will be leaving the Sim Brother house very shortly. The votes have been counted, checked and rechecked - "
Tony muttered - "(As well as being verified by an independent assessor)"

Will - "The Third Place in the first series of Sim Brother from TSZ is ... "



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