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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 82 (Tuesday 9 April 2002)
Sleeping, Hugging, Dining & Playing
Trouble Sleeping
It was 2:43am on the morning of the last full day of Sim Brother. Anna had just been woken up by Sunny, ever eager to entertain her and unable to take a hint that he is not welcome in the house.
Knowing Sunny would continue trying to annoy her, she got up, had a shower and an early breakfast, before trying to have a nap in the garden.

Tony's Tactics
It was 8:27am and Tony had just got up. He had slept very well as oddly enough, Sunny chose to leave him alone. Perhaps it was because Tony had been nicer to Sunny than Anna had yesterday. Anyway, Tony has had time to think and knows that getting rid of Sunny will take both of the housemates working together rather than trying separately.

Once Anna was awake, he would tell her his plans.

Sunny's Defeat
Tony's deduction was that Sunny would finally leave if he realised they did not need entertaining. Making their own entertainment together and being happy in each other's company was what it required. Anna woke up at 11am. She was still very tired, but agreed to have a soak in the love tub. When she got out, she welcomed some intimate hugging from Tony.

At 1:09pm, Sunny the Clown created a hole and disappeared through it. In fact, it was the only trick he had done properly throughout his two visits. Once he had gone, Anna had another nap.

Dining & Cuddling
Anna woke up at 6:40pm. She was still quite tired but was pleased to find that Tony had prepared dinner for her. She also got another big hug from Tony to cheer her up some more. He knew they had to keep cheerful to make sure that Sunny did not have an encore appearance.

Their Last Night

At 9:50pm, despite it being their last night in the Sim Brother house, they were not really in the mood for a party. All they wanted to do was play more volleyball. They played almost until midnight and the match finished with Tony winning 3-2.

Tony - "Anna, I've really enjoyed getting to know you through this."
Anna - "I never thought I'd become so close to a World Statesman."
Tony - "Let's go to bed. I'm tired."

Behind The Camera
Voting is really close with only 3.8% between the two finalists.

If you haven't voted, please do so before polling closes this time tomorrow night. Your vote could make all of the difference.


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