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Sim Brother Series 1, Special Article
It's the Final Night
The Series In Brief

It is the last day of Sim Brother and TSZ will be keeping you informed of all the goings on.

83 days ago, eight people entered the Sim Brother house. From that moment on, their time was occupied with challenges and trying to ensure they stayed in the house through the formation of friendships and alliances. There has been insults and violence in the house but there has been move hugs and loving. All of this has been recorded and reported on TSZ.

Part way through the series, one of the housemates left voluntarily to replaced by a substitute. Through exiting and eviction, over the past twelve weeks, these nine housemates have been gradually reduced. Now only two remain.

Tonight, you will find out which one of these will become the Winner of Sim Brother

Report Timings
Between 10:30pm & 11pm BST, you will find out what the former housemates have been up to since they left the Sim Brother house.

At around Midnight, polls will close and you will find out what the housemates have been up to today and who the Series winner is.

At 1am, Will Wright will interview the Runner-up in the studio.

At 2am, the Winner will be interviewed in the house followed by the awards and closing ceremony.

It'll be a busy night at TSZ.

Stay tuned if you don't want to miss anything.


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