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Sim Brother Series 1, Special Article
The Evictees - Their Lives On The Outside
MNM's three weeks in the Sim Brother house has not affected his public image. He said he applied to Sim Brother to try and appear to be a nicer guy. He recently said "A leopard can't change its spots" and then started working on a new album entitled "Slum Sister". Lawyers working for TSZ are trying to work out if his lyrics contain any veiled references to a certain TV show.

JENNIFER has managed to get herself a job on the QVC Shopping Channel advertising bridal accessories. Critics consider this a bit of a comedown from her film "The Wedding Planner". It is rumoured she will be appearing later in the year in a reality TV show called "'Tropico' Showgirls" that her lawyers are trying to prevent being broadcast.

JERRY is now feeling a lot better, thankyou. He is looking more like himself and has been working hard on the next series of "The Jerry Springer Show". He hopes to record a few of his special shows from Vacation Island. Some of these may be shown later this year at TSZ.

TOM has landed another job following his contract promoting Vacation Island. He is now a Childrens' TV presenter for LSB, SimCity's Preschool Channel. Plans for him to star in "Mission Impossible III" have been put on hold until further notice. There is rumour that he is to play Po in "Teletubbies: The Movie" although this has not been confirmed.

WILL immediately released "The Sim Brother Rap" when he left the house. It has been in the SCM Top Ten (highest position No.5) since it was released. Having achieved success in music and acting, he is changing his career to journalism and starts as a typesetter at "The SimCity Times" at the beginning of May.

ANNE is a recording a one-off travel program for TSZ. Originally "Sims Holidaying In The Snow" it is being renamed because of its unfortunate acronym. It will be broadcast on TSZ towards the end of the month. She will continue presenting "The Weakest Link" for the BBC. Anne has also been seen talking with the TSZ producers of Sim Brother. At this time, we have no further details.

DAVINA has only been out of the house for three days. Her new series "Hot Date" about love and life in downtown SimCity starts recording at the end of the month. It will be broadcast on TSZ in June and has an expected run of four shows.


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