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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 9 (Saturday 26 January 2002)
A New Task
Good morning, Housemates
The housemates arose at about 8am. A rota was set up for cooking and today's cooks were Jennifer and MNM, who had been up before the others preparing breakfast. Over breakfast, Sim Brother told the housemates that the pigs were being replaced with two llamas named Maxee and Maxis from the Simorphor Llama Sanctuary.
After breakfast, Anna tried to get to know Tom better by asking him about his career, but he did not seem to be interested. For once, Anne seemed to have got out of bed the right side and was friendly towards Jerry.

A Difficult Decision

At 10:00, Sim Brother informed them of their weekly task.
SB -This week's task begins in two hours and runs until the same time on Thursday (Day 14). In the garden is now a campfire. It should be attended at all times. If the fire goes out, it must be immediately relit. It cannot go out for more than one hour. If this happens, you have failed the task. You have ten minutes to decide which percentage of your budget you will gamble on this task.
MNM took the lead and said they gamble 100%.
Davina proposed only 20%. She had seen people gamble high, fail and suffer and did not want to be in the same boat and proposed only 20%.
Jerry thought the same way because he had seen people on his show in a similar situation and recommended 20%.
Anna thought Davina and Jerry were being too negative and said if they worked together, they could easily win and proposed 80%.
Tony thought a high gamble was risky - I have a friend called Gordon who handles my money. Although I am confident we can pass if we work as a team, I recommend we are prudent and only gamble 30%
Anne agreed with Tony at 30%, whereas Tom was more confident and proposed 70%. Jennifer went for the middle ground and proposed 50%.
MNM summed up - Okay, we've talked. I'm no Math Whiz but I guess 50% is somewhere in the middle we can accept. Next week, that's an extra §560. I'll tell Sim Brother. We've got what we saved from last week and that bonus from last week if we **** up.

Relight My Fire
To make the task less tiring, Sim Brother had provided an acoustic guitar and an unlimited supply of logs, firelighters and Marshmallows with the fire. MNM, Jerry and Tony were the first to take Fire Shift. A few hours later, Jennifer came over to the campfire and kissed Tom. She was surprised when he said he wanted more from their relationship and sat back down around the fire.
Tom was being too attentive to Anne and it was bothering her. He even tried to give her a peck on the cheek.
Anne - No, Tom. Your kisses do not work on me.
Tom - Okay, Annie, but I'm keeping my eye on you. ;)
Anne - Tom, you have already told me you were picked for your first film because of your good looks. I don't really want to know about what you have done on the outside. It is what you are doing in here that bothers me.
Tom - We've got to live in this house for another two weeks at least. I don't want to go and I don't think you do either. Let us at least try to get on.
However, the fire task appeared to work in persuading the housemates to work as a group.
Anne - Ok, team. Who wants to take the nightshift?
MNM - I'll grab some Zeds and do it with Tom. You okay on that?
Tom - Sure, pal. We'll keep this lady on fire.
Anne - I hope you are referring to the fire and not me ;)
Tony and Jerry agreed between themselves to do the morning shift.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
Jennifer, Anne and Davina had volunteered to do the evening shift. To fill in the time, they did some gardening. A lot of the flowerbeds needed work on them and it was starting to make the garden look gloomy. Together, they got to work to tidy things up. Anna was also busy fixing the shower.
When they were sat around the fire later, Davina was telling Anne a secret about Jerry.
Davina - Jerry has got a birthday coming in a week's time. I think we should have a party for him.
Anne - You might be right. He might be a few guests short of a chatshow, but a party sounds like a good idea.

A Way Out

Tom and MNM took over Fire Watch shortly before midnight. It was now the middle of the night and everyone else had gone to bed.
While Tom was stoking the fire, MNM had gone to finish off the gardening that the girls had started earlier.

While he was doing some replanting, MNM noticed that the back gate was unlocked. As Tom was lost in thought sat by the fire, he did not notice MNM's discovery.

Will MNM make a break for it?

You can find out tomorrow.

Maxee the llama can be downloaded from the Simorphor website.

Behind The Camera
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