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Sim Brother Series 1, Day 83 (Wednesday 10 April 2002)
The Last Day
From Nine to Two

For the past 83 days, Anna and Tony have been in the Sim Brother house. As the weeks have gone by, they have seen seven other housemates leave. It is now their turn to leave. This is the account of their last day in the Sim Brother house.

The Last Dawn

The sun was just peeking over the horizon at the dawn of the final day of Sim Brother. By the time it came up again, the series would be over and the house would be empty. The two housemates were fast asleep after having spent an exhausting two days getting rid of Sunny the clown and playing volleyball.

For their last night in the house, they had shared the same bed. Tony was having musical dreams - reforming his college band perhaps? - and Anna's dreams were of a sporting nature - probably dreaming about volleyball tactics?

Their Last Morning
The sun was already in the sky when Anna got up. Among the housemates throughout the series, she had been up first the most consistently. She had a shower and took out the trash, but by the time she returned to the kitchen, Tony was up and had prepared brunch for them.

Over the garden table, they talked about the TV exposure that they had received over the past 12 weeks. Anna seemed to be relishing it - "With being on TV all of this time, I might get bored not being in the spotlight any more"
Tony - "You'll get some well-earned peace and quiet. I am glad to have been out of the public spotlight for so long. I have been able to look at my life and consider whether I will be standing for a third term as PM."

A Private Challenge
After they had washed up, it was early afternoon. With plenty of time to kill, they had their own score to settle before they prepared to leave. They went back into the garden and played their last session of volleyball.

Anna - "We play until Sim Brother tells us to stop, yes?"
Tony - "There's nothing else to do. Let's play ball!"

They were tied one match each and this was to be the decider. This match lasted until the sun had gone down. It was to last until 9pm and Anna was winning by 9-5.

"This is Sim Brother. The Final Announcements will take place in two hours. Please take that time to prepare yourselves."

Anna - "That makes me the winner."
Tony - "Well played, in more games than one."

Tony was unsure what to wear for leaving "I wonder if I should wear a suit."
Anna - "I am going out as I am."
Tony - "I suppose it would be easier that way. I'd never be able to decide on the right tie."
He then went to have a shower, followed by a relaxing lie down on the vibromatic bed while Anna had a long soak in the bath, spending their last hours apart with only their thoughts for company.

The Winner Is Announced

"Sim Brother house, this is Will Wright. Welcome to the end of the competition. 83 days ago, eight of you entered this house.

"You are the final two contestants in the Sim Brother house. Over the last week, the world has been registering their votes to decide which of you will win this contest."

"All of the votes have been counted, checked, rechecked and checked again. Following this, they have been verified by an independent assessor.

"The winner of Sim Brother will be ..."



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