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Sim Brother Series 1, Special Article
The Runner Up Interview
Someone Has To Lose
Will - "Anna, I will be coming to see you shortly. Please be patient. Tony, will you please leave the Sim Brother house?"

Tony immediately gave Anna a congratulatory hug.

Tony - "Well done, Anna. I'm really pleased for you."
Anna - "Thankyou, Tony."

Tony - "I'll see you later." and with that, the last evictee walked out of the Sim Brother house.

When Tony Met Will

Tony walked proudly into the studio. He had done very well to have come second and the voting was close. It did not take him long to be sat in the black armchair.
Will - "Tony, well done on having come so far."
Tony - "Thankyou, Will."
Will - "How does it feel to be out?"
Tony - "Naturally, I am a bit disappointed not to have won but at the end of it all, this is only a game. I believe that the better person won."
Will - "So what do you think of Anna?"
Tony - "Well, she has surprised me. Initially, I thought her to be a rather naïve person but she proved us all wrong. She applied her sporting skills into treating Sim Brother as the game that it is. Her gameplay there was even more impressive than her volleyball. I was not really surprised that she has won. She deserves to win more than me. I am very pleased for her."

Will - "What do you enjoy the most about being in the house?"
Tony - "I enjoyed quite a lot of things. I enjoyed the down-to-earth pace of things. I enjoyed the unobstrusive cameras. With my job, I am too used to having cameras in my face and being expected to make statements all of the time. In the house, it was quiet. I enjoyed the challenges and the friendships that I made in there."
Will - "Tom didn't quite see eye to eye with you."
Tony - "I think that was more a clash of personalities. I have nothing against him personally and I hope that we can reconcile our differences if we meet on the outside."
Will - "And what about the ladies?"
Tony - "I cannot deny it but I did enjoy the attention that I received from them."

Will - "Anyone in particular?"
Tony - "That has to be Davina. I missed her when she left on Sunday night, but I think volleyball helped fill the gap."
Will - "Were you surprised that Anna beat you at the volleyball?"
Tony - "She's a sporting star. I did my best, but she was a lot better."
Will - "How did the Sim Brother housemates compare to the British government?"
Tony - "Similar but different. Both follow a common aim when it comes to challenges, but the hidden agendas in the Sim Brother housemates were closer to the surface."
Will - "You mentioned to Anna about your long term plans about your career. Would you care to put any more light on that?"
Tony - "Not really. I have a family that I should spend more time with them at home instead of world leaders all around the globe.Watch this space in a few years' time."

Will - "As you were told last week, you will not be leaving empty handed."
Tony - "Thankyou, Will."
Will - "Before you get back to work, you will be going on a paid vacation to the Lakeside Hotel. The only catch is that you have to present a one-off TV special for TSZ about the hotel and its facilities."
Tony - "I'd be delighted to."
Will - "Tony, thankyou for your part in making Sim Brother what it has been."
Tony - "It's been a wonderful experience."


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