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Sim Brother Series 1, Special Article
A Winner's Tale
The Big Interview
Will left Tony to be congratulated by his supporters and took the brisk walk from the studio to the Sim Brother house. It was now his most pleasant duty in congratulating the winner and Anna had been waiting patiently for a long time.

Anna - "Welcome to the Sim Brother house, Will. Would you like to take a seat?"
Will - "Thankyou. You seem quite at home in here, Anna."
Anna - "Almost three months is a long time, yes, I think so."
Will - "How does it feel to be the winner?"
Anna - "It hasn't really sunk in yet."
Will - "I am sorry to have kept you waiting."
Anna - "That's ok. I did feel a bit lonely on my own after Tony left."
Will - "You must have felt bad about being in every single public vote."
Anna - "I did really, but it made me stronger the more votes I had to face. When I had won three of them, I knew there were people out there who liked me."
Will - "With being in so long, you must have a lot of good memories."
Anna - "My most favourite moment has to be the Volleyball. Although it was not a challenge, I really enjoyed playing Tony."
Will - "And what did you enjoy the least?"
Anna - "Nominations. I hated having to choose people to go. I even was worried with myself for nominating Will."
Will - "You were very close to Will."
Anna - "Yes. We got on very well from the moment he came through the door. He didn't want a relationship, though, which I could have done with."
Will - "I must ask you this. You seemed to be regularly taking your clothes off, Anna. Was that to get attention?"
Anna - "No! I found the house to be too hot a lot of the time. That is why. If it helped get me votes, that was a welcome side-effect."
Will - "Would it worry you to know that when you and Anne were up for the public vote, there was only one vote in it?"
Anna - "I did not know it was that close, no. I am not too surprised, though. I knew Anne would have some support out there because she was well-known."
Will - "What matters is that despite several close votes, you have seen everyone off. Your fans love you and you deserve your victory. Even Tony acknowledged you to be the most deserving of the housemates to win this."
Anna - "That is really kind of him to say that."
Will - "The papparazzi are waiting outside for your photoshoot so if you could please come with me."

Anna was overwhelmed to find the reception she got and basked in the flashlights for several minutes. Her final role was to take her place in the centre of the platform and receive her prize and the title.

Anna's Victory
Will - "Anna, as part of your prize of being the winner of Sim Brother, you have been given a paid vacation at the luxurious Golly Beach Hotel. With this comes a one-off job of presenting a program about your break on TSZ."

"As the winner of Sim Brother, you receive a cheque for §100,000."

"You receive another prize that is up to you to accept or turn down. You have faced the public vote for every single eviction and because of the public support for you, you found yourself as part of the house every morning after. When I interviewed you earlier, you appeared to be quite at home...

"You'll be given the housekeys when you come back from your holiday. Your master prize is the Sim Brother House."

"Congratulations, Anna. Winner of Sim Brother."

It's Over
Will - "Nine people have come and gone from the house. The house is empty, the winner has been crowned and the series has come to an end. None of this could have been done without your votes and we owe it all to you, our viewers, for the support in watching this through until the end and choosing your winner. Thankyou."


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