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Sim Brother Series 2, Special Article
Vote for The Guys
One male housemate has been picked by TSZ Producers to go into the Sim Brother house. That leaves a shortlist of six housemates to fill the three male vacancies.

To help you in your decision-making, this is what they have to say to try and convince you to vote for them.

DAVID (Beckham)
As captain of the England football team, I can be a leader and a team player. As a husband and father, I am sensitive to the needs of others. Also, I'm really a nice guy. As I didn't help win the World Cup, I'd like to win something this season.

GEORGE W. (Bush)
My fellow Simericans. As your commander in chief and president, I will do my utmost to uphold democracy and the Simerican way of life if you vote me into the Slim Blubber house.

MEL (Gibson)
Hi. Some say I'm mad, some say I'm a patriot, some say I know what women want. I'm an entertaining guy and I think the Sim Brother house would be more fun if I was in it.

(Prince) CHARLES
The British Royal Family has been criticised for being out of touch with what is going on in the real world. Therefore, I am applying to be in Sim Brother II to show that we are red-blooded humans as well as blue-blooded royals. I am kind to animals and plants and not as aloof as I appear. Please consider my application.

RUUD (Van Nistelrooy)
I am the second-most expensive football player in the world and I am from the Netherlands. When I heard about Sim Brother, I jumped at the chance as it is half-based on a Dutch idea. As a team player and Dutchman, I would be honoured to be part of the team going into the house.

SAMUEL L. (Jackson)
Yo, SimBro. You need a tall handsome guy? I'm right here. You want a mob enforcer, private dick or Jedi Master? Yup. Me again. Seriously, I've got a sense of humour, a sensitive side and I wear a blue beret. What more does a housemate need?

All of these applicants will be skinned in-house exclusively for this site.

Your votes count.

You decide.


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