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Sim Brother Series 2, Special Article
Who's In and What's On?
Who's In? You Decided

Here they are!
Over the past two weeks, you have been voting and your choice of which six of the eight housemates has been decided.

They are, from left to right

George, Nicole, Lucy, David, Geri & Samuel

Next Thursday, you will find out who the final two housemates are going to be.

My special thanks goes to Andrew Goldsworthy for providing me with the skin of David (Beckham). He also designed the outfit, which is available for download from The Sims Resource. He is also to be credited with Tony's Newcastle Utd shirt and Will's Licensed II Sim shirt that I used in the first series of "Sim Brother".

All other skins have been made in-house and the skins of all of the housemates will be made available for you to download during the course of the series.

The above picture was made possible using Simpose and poses from Stylissimode

What's on the Other Channels?
If you would like to see where the other series have got to, have a look at the following sites. They are ... in alphabetical order ...

Big Brother / Sim-style is a celebrity-based series from a British webmaster that includes Elton John, Naomi Campbell and Lara Croft to name a few. This brightly coloured site includes some very clever camera work and amusing plotlines.

This series is at Day 6 and has a surprise eviction coming tomorrow so pop over there, vote for your favourite housemate and find out who is going.

Big Brother (Ultrasims) is another celebrity-based series from a British webmaster with Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez and Arnold Schwarzenegger as some of the housemates. This picture-intensive site has some interesting storylines and interactions.

This series is also at Day 6 and has a surprise eviction coming tomorrow so pop over there and vote for who you want to see go.

With Davina covering both the evictions at BB/SS and BB(US), the poor girl is going to be rushed off her feet.

Sim Big Brother 3 is an American series. This is the third series that uses unusual techniques to excellent effect. With two series of SBB and Sim Survivor under their belt and using twice-weekly reports, this site is also worth a visit. Its first eviction is on Wednesday.

The Sims: Big Brother will be starting shortly. You can already download the house and preview the housemates.

The Sim Look Project is quite different. It describes its series as "How will 8 Sims manage in 1 house for 50 days by following their free will? What will their relations be like on Day50?" I have found this series to be more like "Castaway" rather than "Big Brother", but it is still worth a look for the different slant.

There are more sites popping up. I am sorry if I have missed anyone, but if you would like to be reviewed here, please let me know.

What's On Tomorrow?
Now you know who most of who are going in, come back tomorrow for the first peek at the new house.


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