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Sim Brother Series 2, Special Article
The Exclusive Tour
Welcome to The House

Less than a day before the housemates move in, the builders have moved out and amid tight security, we have the exclusive rights to give you a tour of the house.

Modelled closely on the Dutch "Big Brother III" house, this purpose-made building was designed by the ChEeTaH Design Studios exclusively for this series. The house has features that haven't been seen before in previous houses of a similar nature.

Let's go inside.

The Main Area
Coming in through the door, you find yourself in a large open-plan area. Most of it is colourful and cheery and decorated brightly, although there is a second part that is not as attractively designed.

On your left as you come through the door is the kitchen area. A chrome fridge, stove and large cooker with red-topped counters are there to help the housemates prepare their meals and eat them at a large 8-seater table overlooking the gardens. Once the meal is completed, the plates can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Ahead of you is the main living area. There are four 2-seater sofas and two blue chairs that were custom-manufactured by the Holsimer Corporation for the show. There is also a large bookcase with a broad selection of appropriately-censored literature for the housemates to read for recreational and educational purposes. It is anticipated that this area will see a lot of late night discussions.
Continuing onwards, there is a second living area. This area is not as attractively decorated and has a dark and cold feel to it. With cheaper quality furnishings, we don't expect this part to be used much at all. With hardened bales for seating, surfaces that look like factory rejects and a table that has apparently seen better days, it appears as though the budget ran out before the living area was properly furnished.

Sleeping Arrangements
Off the brighter coloured living area is a spacious bedroom. There are two double beds and one single bed. The floor is wood-panelled and there are several paintings to brighten up the room. There is a wardrobe and a chest of drawers for the housemates to store their clothes. However, even assuming the housemates are all the best of friends, this is only enough sleeping accomodation in this room for five people.
Unless it is expected that the housemates will all sleep on the sofas in the living area or on the recliners in the garden, they will have to use the second bedroom. This can be found off the darker part of the living area and follows in the same theme. The floor is stone-tiled and there are no decorations or lights in this room. It has five low-quality single beds and will probably be only slept in by the housemates as little as possible.

Hygiene Facilities
Situated off the main living area, no expense has been spared with the design. This attractively designed room has two autoflush toilets, two "de luxe" shower cubicles, a large bath and a jacuzzi that can seat four. It is expected that the housemates will be in here a lot for social as well as hygienic purposes.

If anyone is caught short, there is an outside toilet in the gardens but with saloon doors, this will probably be used as infrequently as possible unless the housemates have no sense of modesty and do not mind being seen doing the necessary.

The Diary Room
Everyone will have to come in here at some time or other. Whether they are summoned by Sim Brother, they come of their own accord or if it is for the purpose of nominations, the housemates have to come here at some time or other.

The diary room is a bright red with coordinated walls, floors and lighting and is completed with the plush diary room chair that was made especially for the series by AT Designs.

Going Outside
Outside the house are the gardens which can be reached from the Main Room and are split into two parts by a row of coped flowerbeds.

The more attractive half has a red wall around it. It is tastefully decorated with trees, flowers, love seats and recliners. It also includes an outside table for housemates who choose to enjoy the weather.

Also, there is basketball hoop in the corner for anyone who fancies a game.
The less attractive half has a brick and green wooden wall around it. It has a small barbecue that will probably see some use before the series is over.

The seating is not as attractive and the yard-like appearance does make it look like the builders had not finished working on the gardens.

The Battlezones & Other Rooms
Outside the walls of the Sim Brother house and garden are the Battlezones. These areas are constructed out of chain-link fence and can easily be arranged to create larger areas of an appropriate size suitable size for tasks, access channels and whatever other purpose that Sim Brother decides over the coming 11 weeks.

There are also a couple of secret areas in the house that remain closed until Sim Brother decides on the appropriate time to open them.

It's Time To Leave
The housemates will be moving in tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon, Sim Brother will be revealing the identity of the two final housemates and show a quick peek inside the house to see how the eight are getting on together. At midnight tomorrow (British time), you can find see the full report about the housemates' arrival and their first day in the house.

Sim Brother II is about to begin


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