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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 1 (Thursday 22 August 2002)
We're back
Welcome back!

It has been a long four months since the end of the first series of Sim Brother and thanks to your support, we have a second series for you. I hope that the wait has been worth it, especially for those tuning in especially just to watch the show.
The eight new housemates entered the house this morning and have been getting to know each other and familiarise themselves with the house.
Anyway, you don't want me to tell you. Let's find out what has happened today.

The Housemates
7.00AM - The first housemate to be delivered to the house was SERENA. Serena is a professional tennis player who has actually done quite well for herself. Apart from Serena and the Sim Brother Producers, until today, nobody knew who the 7th Housemate was going to be. For a short while, she had the house to herself.
7.15AM - TOM, the second housemate, arrives at the Sim Brother house. Tom is the oldest member of the house and is a professional singer. He has had a string of No.1 hits over the last forty years. Although old, he is still very young at heart. He is the Final Housemate selected by the producers. When he came through the door and saw Serena, his first move was to introduce himself.

Tom - "Hello, I'm Tom. I've had a long walk to get here."
Serena - (laughs) "Hi, I'm Serena."
Tom - "You been here long?"
Serena - "Hard to say. I don't have a watch, but it hasn't been too long."
Tom - "Well, I suppose we'd better wait and see who's next."
7:45AM - The next pair were dropped off and walked briskly to the house. The housemates were instructed not to talk to each other until they are inside.
GEORGE is a politician who applied to the series because his staffers suggested it. When he got through the door, he immediately got into conversation with Tom about hoping he'll get good exercise while he is in the house.
GERI is a musician who hopes the exposure she gets in the house might give her some needed publicity. Serena greeted her with a friendly hug.

Serena - "Welcome to the house. I'm Serena, by the way."
Geri - "I think I saw you win Simbledon. I'm Geri."
Serena - "Didn't your hair used to be ginger?"
Geri - "That was a long time ago, but yes."
8.15AM - NICOLE and DAVID are the fifth and sixth housemates to be dropped off and they quickly walk up the path to the house.
NICOLE acts and is the ex-wife of Tom Cruise who was in Sim Brother (1). Her aim is to get further than he did and have a good time while she is doing it.

DAVID is well known as a world-class football (soccer) player who married a “Spice Girl”. He has met Geri before. Both Manchester United and England didn't win what they set out to win this year so David wants to end the year by winning something himself.
9.00AM - It has been two hours since Serena arrived before the last two housemates entered the house. LUCY & SAMUEL are actors. Both are at a bit of a loose end. Sam is waiting for Star Wars Episode III and Lucy is waiting for news about Judge Ling, a possible spinoff series from Ali McBeal. They both thought the exposure in Sim Brother would do them good. By the time they got inside the house, they found that the other housemates had dispersed to explore the house.
Samuel - "Well as nobody's here to greet us, hi, I'm Sam"
Lucy - "Hello. I'm Lucy."
Samuel - "I just hope there's some other people around as it's going to be a long 77 days"

Getting To Know You
It's 10.05AM - David & Nicole are in the garden shooting a few baskets.
David - "This may sound strange but I'm going to miss my cars. Did you know I've got six?"
Nicole - "Nope, and I'm not that bothered, Dave."
David - "Did you notice that there's something missing?"
Nicole - "As something's not there, how am I expected to tell that it's missing?"

David - "There's no animals to look after. There were some pigs and then some llamas in the first series of Sim Brother. I was actually looking forward to looking after the llamas."
Nicole - "You were looking forward to cleaning up llama guano? You're are stranger than I thought."
At 11.23AM - David, Nicole and Serena are gathered around the campfire. Nicole has got a guitar out and is strumming a few chords.
Serena - "What will you guys miss the most about the outside world?"
Nicole - "Going to the gym."
David - "My family and my six cars."
Serena - "Why did you both apply to the show?"
Nicole - "Exposure. Fame. Notoriety. Also, to beat my ex-husband."
David - "I wanted to win something this year."
Serena - "That's nice to know."
Neither David or Nicole appear to be comfortable with the fact that Serena is asking them so many questions but not giving answers herself.

Their First Meal
It's 1.25PM - The housemates are starting to get hungry. Sim Brother had left the housemates a plate of biscuits and a "Welcome Cake" Serena had already polished off the cookies and George had already helped himself to a slice of cake. Tom decided to show the housemates some of his cooking skills and prepared some leek stew for the other housemates "a recipe I learnt from the green, green grass of home", which he shared with David, Lucy, Samuel, Geri & Nicole.

Nicole - "Geri, I must say you're looking a lot fitter than when you were a Spice Girl. Do you exercise much?"
Geri - "As much as possible, Nic, and you're looking fitter and healthier then when you were with Tom."
Nicole - "At least I can wear high heels now. I'd love it if we got a benchpress or other equipment provided."
David (aside to Samuel) - "Their conversation is making me sick."

Into The Tub
It's 2.46PM - Tom, Serena, George and David are having their first soak in the hot tub.

George - "I wonder if anyone is watching us on the Interweb?"
Tom - "Interweb? What's that when it's at home?"
George - "It's something to do with computers that Ali G said he set up."
Serena - "Are you sure you don't mean Al Gore?"
George - "Hell, no. I know the difference between some Democratican politician and Madonna's driver. I don't touch the the Interweb myself. There's all these viruses on it and I sure don't want to catch anything from it."

The other three housemates remain silent after George's unique insights on technology, popular music and politics.

Having A Moan
4.22PM - Lucy and Nicole are in the garden talking about Serena.
Lucy - "There's something I don't quite trust about her."
Nicole - "What do you mean?"
Lucy - "The other three girls had to go through a shortlist to get in here. Where did she come from?"
Nicole - "Can't say, but it does seem a bit odd. I felt as though she was pumping me for information earlier and I was getting nothing back in return. She needs to be watched."
Lucy - "I'm going to keep an eye on her."
5.56PM - Lucy has still got Serena on her mind and voices her concerns to Samuel.
Lucy - "What do you think about Serena getting in here without having to go through a qualifying shortlist?"
Samuel- (shrugs) "Nothing really."
Lucy - "We'll I think it's not fair at all. Why should she and Tom get in without having to qualify?""
Samuel- "We're here. They're here. The means aren't important.""

"This is Sim Brother"
It's 8.06PM. The housemates were gathered in the lounge. Serena had been asking David to explain what an Offside Trap was when the housemates got their first experience of the voice of Sim Brother.
SB - "This is Sim Brother. Welcome to the House -"
Samuel - "Yo, SimBro! Anybody told you that you sound like James Earl Jones?"
Serena - "Ssshh! I'm trying to listen"
SB - "Sim Brother hopes that you are comfortable and have made yourselves at home getting to know each other and the house. Before you continue, Sim Brother would like to remind all housemates of certain house rules.
"If a housemate discusses nominations with another housemate, both housemates will receive a warning -"
David - "He's even stricter than a FIFA referee!"
Lucy - "Ssshh!"
SB - "If a housemate is involved in a fight with another housemate, both housemates will receive a warning -"
George - "That don't sound right to me!"
Lucy - "SSSHHH!"
SB - "If a housemate breaks any of the other rules that you will be told in time, the housemate will receive a warning."
"If a housemate tries to manipulate the rules for their own advantage, they will be expelled from the house and replaced."
"If a housemate has received three warnings, the housemate will be expelled from the house and replaced."
"If a housemate kills another housemate, the surviving housemate will be immediately expelled from the house and replaced and upon leaving face criminal charges."
"If a housemate dies, the housemate will not be replaced and the eviction process for that period will be cancelled."
"If a housemate leaves the house through prior arrangement with Sim Brother or otherwise, they will not be replaced."
"If the housemates comply with the rules for a certain period, the housemates will be rewarded."
"Sim Brother reserves the right to change the rules as and when it chooses."
"Enjoy the rest of your day. Sim Brother will get back to you."

End of The Day
12.00AM - Three of the housemates are still awake and talking in the lounge. George was the first one to go to bed half an hour ago, shortly followed by Geri, Tom and David. As the beds in the main bedroom have been taken and the sofas are occupied by the others, David has had to go to bed in the smaller bedroom.
Back in the lounge, Serena has fallen asleep on her feet.

Lucy - "Well, I don't know about you two but I'm not going to wake her up."
Nicole - "Me neither. I'm not taking that chance."
Samuel - "Hey, just leave her there. She'll wake up when she wants. There's a comfortable enough couch behind her Â… if she falls backwards, that is."

The other three carried on talking ... and that is where we'll leave them.
The housemates have arrived and spent their first day in the house. There are already a couple of friendships forming. There has been some gossiping and mistrust.

This has only been Day 1 and there are another 76 days to go.

Credits: The blue Mercedes that delivered the housemates were hired from SimsPlus Motors

Tune in this time tomorrow to see how the housemates get to grips with their first task.


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