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Sim Brother Series 2, Special Article
And Now There Are Eight
The Lineup

Here are the final eight housemates. You voted for six of them. It's time to find out about the two new faces in the lineup.

The Final Two
TOM is from Wales and has been a successful pop singer since the 1960s. He is 62 and is the oldest of the housemates and he was selected for his maturity and a high entertainment potential. He said "It's quite unusual to be asked to go on a show like this. I've caught a few of the shows before but I never thought I'd be one of the contestants. I am looking forward to it, I hope I can entertain you and that you'll keep me in there."

SERENA is a successful tennis player with an equally famous sister. Serena's fame comes from winning the Simbledon Lawn Tennis Championship this year. She is 21 and has her birthday in September. Hopefully, she might still be in the house when this happens. She said "I enjoy a challenge and I am honoured to have been selected to be in the show. I am looking forward to the game that I have been set and I will show that I am a match for everyone else."

A Quick Peek Inside
The eight housemates are already in the house as they went in this morning.

At the moment, it looks like Lucy is having a gossip with Samuel about someone.

To find out everything that has happened today, tune back in at Midnight (British time) for the whole of the day's show.


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