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Sim Brother Series 2, Day 2 (Friday 23 August 2002)
Down With A Bump
During The Night
It's Day 2 in the Sim Brother house. Samuel, Nicole and Lucy had stayed up talking until about 2.30AM. All three of them had chosen to sleep on the couches in the lounge rather than go to bed in the darkened bedroom. Samuel was the last one to fall asleep. It had been a long day for all of the housemates.

This will be the first morning that the housemates will wake up in their new surroundings. Not all of them have had a good night's sleep.

9.08AM- David was the last of the housemates to get up. He had not slept well, finding his bed to be very uncomfortable and the room to be draughty. A morning shower in the outside cubicle did not really help much. Serena also had not slept well, having been asleep on her feet and had woken up with an aching back and sore feet. She had already been up for 2Å“ hours before David was awake.
Serena's first task had been to make a plate of burgers on the barbecue in the garden that the "the couch crew" of Lucy, Nicole and Samuel eagerly tucked into. George was quite upset to find that all the burgers had gone by the time he got there, so instead he prepared a group meal of bacon, eggs and flapjacks that all of the house appeared to enjoy.

11.40AM- Samuel and Serena shared a late breakfast in the garden. Samuel was feeling a bit awkward because all of the toilets had been occupied and he had an embarrassing moment earlier. Serena, however, was asking questions again.

Serena - "So why did you apply to come on Sim Brother?"
Samuel - "You tell me why you didn't go through the shortlist and I'll tell you why I applied."
Serena - "I was approached by the producers to come on the show. I don't really know why they chose me, but I agreed. I like the challenge."
Samuel - "Hmm ... I'm just here for the experience. If I win, so much the better. If I don't, I won't lose much sleep. Anyway, did you sleep well?"
Serena - "Not really. I just hope I don't fall asleep on my feet again when I'm in a match."
Samuel - (laughs) "Perhaps you can have a nap later. I need a shower."
Sim Brother - "This is Sim Brother. Would all housemates please gather in the Lounge?"

Something to Keep You Busy
It's 12.00PM- The housemates are all gathered in the lounge.

SB - "In the bookcase, you will find eight copies of Wilhemina Wright's 'Preserves & Pickles' Cookery Book. Today, you must learn the recipes and techniques in making jams, pickles and chutney. All book learning must stop at Midnight."
"Until further notice, the stove is not to be used. Any attempt to try and get it working will result in a warning. You are still allowed to make burgers, salads and have snacks from the fridge."
Lucy, Tom and Dave quickly get down to work.

Napping & Soaking
1.10PM - While George read his copy of "Pickles & Preserves" in the garden, Nicole had gone back to bed, shortly to be followed by Samuel and Serena. Those three viewed catching up on their sleep to be more important than book-learning. As Nicole had said to Geri - "It's better to be refreshed before trying to remember something than be half-asleep and not take it in"

2.36PM - Geri was having a relaxing soak in the hottub when David joined her. Neither of them were wearing their swimsuits. Through David's wife Victoria, they had met before. Geri asked "How's Victoria?"
David - "She didn't know I'd applied for Sim Brother until I got the call saying I'd passed the shortlist. She wasn't too pleased."
Geri - "I can imagine. Anyway, make the most of the break. Have fun and enjoy yourself."
David - "Well, if it's like C4TV, one of us will be evicted on Wednesday Night. It could be me."
Geri - "So you've got six days at least. Let's have fun" ;)

A Messy Problem
5.37PM - Geri has been out of the tub for an hour and is gathering up all of the dishes.

She muttered to nobody in particular "Do I have 'housekeeper' tattooed on my head? I didn't apply to this series just to tidy up after everyone!! Next time, these lazy bums can do it themselves!"
7.41PM - Tom was watering the plants in the garden and George was reading the house rules. The general tidiness of the garden is on Tom's mind.
Tom - "It's just a matter of time before this house becomes a pig sty, Georgie. People I know tidy up after themselves. These kids here, Georgie, expect the rest of us to do it."
George - "When I get back to the White House, I'll make dropping litter a capital offense. First offence gets 50 years and second offence gets the electric chair. The same law will apply to my aides and staffers."
Tom - "Er ... that's perhaps just a little bit extreme, George."

Put Your Books Down, Housemates
It's Midnight. Most of the housemates have spent the evening catching up with "Pickles & Preserves".

SB - "This is Sim Brother. Stop studying and return the books to the bookcase?"
The ones who have been studying the most are David, George & Tom. Serena and Geri have done some learning whereas Nicole, Lucy and Samuel have studied the least.

As the housemates finished putting away their books - "This is Sim Brother. Could Nicole please come to the Diary Room?"
Nicole - "I wonder what this is about."

As Nicole goes into the Diary Room, we'll have to leave them there. Outside, the Sim Brother workcrew have been busy at work in the Battlezones.

You can find out what Sim Brother had to say to her, what has been prepared outside and the other goings-on in the house.


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