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Sim Brother Series 4, Day 17 (Sunday 24 April 2005)
Last Man Standing
Previously in SB4

Bjork had been gone under six hours when the housemates were dragged out of their beds to take part in this season's "Last Man Standing" challenge. Tiger failed the challenge immediately and was given a "poisoned chalice" of making an automatic nomination for eviction but on the proviso that if they won the challenge, he was automatically up for eviction instead.

As it happens, his nomination - Alyssa - is still standing with John and Condoleezza. Which of these three is going to win immunity?

Last Man Standing - The Final Three
The remaining three housemates have been stood on their numbered squares for the past 18 hours. This hard task of endurance took its toll on Arnie, Steve and Martha, who all collapsed and were therefore disqualified. Alyssa, John and Condoleezza are the three remaining housemates. The endless loop of cellphone muzak has been playing for all of that time. The remaining contenders seem to be unaffected ... although John does seem to be tunelessly humming along with the Nosimia theme when it is played every 5 minutes.

12.09am - Even the most stubborn and sturdy housemates cannot compete against nature. Condoleezza started to waver and when a girl has to go, a girl has to go, wherever she may be. And she did. 1.51am - it is almost another two hours before she finally collapses and three housemates became two.

2.12am - Alyssa is looking more and more uncomfortable as the contest wears on. She is getting a headache from the muzak and seems to be struggling in maintaining her dignity. Also, the continuing waft coming from the direction of John is certainly not helping her.

3.18am - In any contest, there has to be but one winner. Youth wins out over age experience.

John's body's need for sleep finally overcomes his mind's need to win immunity, he staggers then collapses, leaving Alyssa as the winner.

Sim Brother (A) - Alyssa, you are the winner of the Last Man Standing challenge. This grants you immunity from nomination this coming week.

Part of a Tradition

"Last Man Standing" is an event that is part of the tradition that is Sim Brother at TSZ. As part of all of the previous series, it is something all housemates should be prepared for but never know when to expect. This year, Sim Brother showed itself to be very ruthless in barely giving the housemates the chance to mourn the departure of one of their number before dragging them into this challenge.

Alyssa joins two sportsmen and a politician as the last man standing in her respective series and is the first Simerican to achieve that accolade.

  • It first appeared on Day 68 in the first series of Sim Brother and Tony Blair was the winner.
  • In Sim Brother II, it started on Day 23 and the David Beckham was victorious.
  • Day 35 was when the housemates were presented with it in Sim Brother III, Ruud Van Nistelrooy turned out to be triumphant.

  • Recovering

    3.12pm - The challenge was very gruelling for the housemates. As well as physically straining, it was mentally exhausting. Many of them spent the day sleeping to recover their energy. Arnie did take the time to have a relaxing soak in the tub before having a shower with Condi, who did not seem to mind. For once, Arnie did not seem to be obsessed with his quality of meat.

    Of Shakespearean Sequels

    9.29pm - John comes to Arnie for a talk to try and cool their relationship..
    John - If I haven't been mistaken, this last week you've been ... how shall I phrase it ... damn well pissed off at me?
    Arnold - A bit of an understatement, but yes.
    John - I just want to tell you that by nominating you that what I did was nothing personal.
    Arnold - In the same way that my character's relentless hunt of Sarah Connor in "The Terminator" was nothing personal either?
    John - I don't think I've seen that movie. "Henry V" was more my style of movie.
    Arnold - I have not yet seen "Henry", "Henry II", "Henry III" and "Henry IV".
    John - Erm .... I'm not sure if Shakespeare did it that way.
    Arnold - I've heard of Scorcese and Spielburg but who is this Shakespeare guy? Is he a new director?
    John - He's more of a writer, but he's been around quite a while. A lot of his work is adapted for the screen.
    Arnold - Tell me more about him. If I go back into movies, has he written any political thrillers?
    John - Well, Mel Gibson was in Zefferelli's "Hamlet - Prince of Denmark" and Ken Branagh was in a version in 1996.
    Arnold - Hamlet II?
    John - No, no. Just a remake. Anyway, there are ghosts, romance, mental breakdown, suicides and multiple poisonings. Not wishing to spoil it, Hamlet and almost everyone else died at the end.
    Arnold - I am sure if I spoke to this Shakespeare guy, he could write "Hamlet II - Governor of Denmark". My rippling muscles and European accent would be perfect for the role. Mel cannot do accents. And of course I'd wipe out mein corrupt enemies at the end with an Uzi 9mm.
    John - Quite.

    To be Continued

    And that is where we are going to have to leave it. With Arnold dreaming about a new movie career in "Hamlet II", the housemates are pondering the next day's nominations. Has it sunk in yet with Tiger that he is automatically facing the public vote?

    We'll all find out tomorrow.


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